10 Advanced Techniques to Get more Upvotes on Reddit

After conducting promotional campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+, you must have heard about Reddit, which is unique in many ways. You cannot reminder at the top till you have done enough make research and have gone through the topics people are talking about.advanced techniques to get more upvotes on reddit

Reddit compared to other social mediums is a bit different in its working and a lot more complicated in terms of conducting a marketing campaign. Although marketers have been experimenting and exploring this platform since it takes time to get noticed on Reddit in the first place. Here, upvotes play an essential part as they are responsible for pushing the promotion; hence to get more upvotes is the top priority. Currently, Reddit has over 8 million page views on a monthly basis, which clearly shows the influence it has and how effective it can be to execute a promotional plan. In order to increase Reddit upvotes you should read the following advanced techniques:

  1. Know the best time to post

Unless you don’t know what kind of audience you would be targeting, the point of promotion is meaningless. As the relevance of timing is directly connected to the availability of maximum target users. For instance, if you post random stuff at peak hours you would get unedited attention, whereas if you post a seriously relevant update in lazy hours, it’s hardly going to get any response, that’s how the time factor plays its part.

  1. Surf more and post about the trending topic

Anything that people are talking about is a trending story, even though you have nothing to do with it, still, it’s going to be the talked about subject. Therefore, to fulfill your purpose you should be posting something related to it in some way or the other.

  1. Never ignore a comment

Leaving something unnoticed on Reddit can be the biggest mistake, here comments are more important than upvotes as they help you build on the network and engage with potential customers.

  1. Consider downvote as your teacher

As soon as you post something on Reddit, to judge the response you can count upon the number of downvotes. If the downvotes are more than the upvotes on a post, it should be considered an unsuccessful and unworthy post. Rather try to learn from it and not repeat the process, and posts should essentially be relatable.

  1. Be the first one to post on latest news

Any latest updates in your industry should not be ignored at any point, in fact, you should be the one to post about it on Reddit. This will automatically get you more attention than any other post ever had.


  1. Content makes you win

Original content is still the king of the social jungle if you have something unique to offer you have an edge over others. Reddit is all about what the audience is linking, talking and appreciating. If you have freshness, richness, and uniqueness in your content, you are a winner in all three verticals.

  1. Participate in popular subreddits

To address a popular subject and to get addressed by others in trending subreddits is equally important if you want to increase Reddit upvotes in a limited time. Nothing goes off the record, the kind of participation you have been doing indicates your interest and if they are in sync with the popular taste of the audience, you are more likely to get upvotes.

  1. Give answer to other’s questions

Reddit allows the users to answer and solve the problems projected by others and you should make use of this opportunity. Even if they are not in direct conversation with you, you are liable to answer their questions. This would be an addition to your profile and help you count as an active Redditor.

  1. Build reputation of your own

It is a time-taking process, you do not get a thumbs-up on Reddit in short time, even if you have done strong planning on promoting the campaign, still, you got to repeatedly follow all the right steps (a few mentioned above) to attain a higher rank on Reddit. Otherwise, if you don’t have that much of time you can buy Reddit upvotes right away, obviously after doing some research on the market.

  1. Share funny memes often

If nothing works, a fun element always works in your favor. Actually, this is the only thing that never lets you leave hope. Everyone likes to laugh and crack up at a joke, why not use as a promotional tool. But stay to the point and cut the crap as Redditors are not in a mood to read too much of stuff if they don’t get much out of it. In short, post worth-sharing images, memes or videos or else you will lose the point.

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