Fixed and Growth Mindset: The Ways We Think About Success

Researchers show that there are two basic types of mindsets- fixed and growth mindset.

Fixed mindset

It is the type of thinking that is based on the belief that our character traits, talents, personality, abilities and intellect are completely fixed. We are either clever or stupid. We are either talented in something (art, music, sports, mathematics, logic, etc.) or not. In the world, there are some really talented people, to whom others admire from the outside. Fixed thinking admits such statements as: “He will never learn to dance, no matter how hard he tries. He’s too clumsy “or” She cannot fry an egg without setting a fire, “and so on.


Growth mindset

It is just opposite type of thinking, which shows our belief that a person can do everything. Through perseverance and effort, any one of us can become what we want. There are no intelligent or stupid people – there are only those who have discovered the potential of their intellect. There are only very hardworking people who decided to raise their abilities to a higher level. There is no need to stand aside and admire someone – anyone can turn himself into such a person if he is passionate about something truly and ready to make efforts

People with fixed mindset co

nsider themselves capable in this or that field, which means that each small success confirms their opinion of themselves, and each small failure is experienced by them very painfully, undermining faith in themselves.

People with the growth mindset believe that success is more the result of effort, rather than raw talent. Therefore, such people work hard to constantly grow and improve themselves. They earn their success and never take it for granted. They referred to failures as opportunities for further improvement.

How to develop a growth mindset?


Try to find out the sectors where you can achieve success and really keen to work! Give yourself to it with all passion, with interest, with desire! Lack of talent can be compensated by hard work. On a success, the talent is seldom affected drastically. It only accelerates the achievement of success and facilitates the path, but you need to work as much as without talent and maybe even more.


Try to overcome fears that block your opportunities and make life boring. People with growth thinking differ in that they are ready to act to change their lives. Don’t wait for a moment. The best time is now.

Work harder

Don’t think that you are unable to do something — do your best even on the worst day. When you want to stop, “go” a little more. Insult, care, and other emotions can also push you to more.

No complain

At any time, things may not go as you planned. Unforeseen difficulties should not upset you, oppress you and destroy your faith in yourself.  Complaints are a sign of people with fixed thinking. Look for opportunities to solve the problem.

With these small and simple tips, you will be able to develop growth thinking, learn how to treat failures in a new way, believe in yourself and eradicate bad habits.

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