How to Achieve More by Doing Less

Sometimes we have so much to do that even 24 hours in a day are not enough for you to complete the work. We constantly struggle for more productivity and best results and stick to the chair till we don’t get the most appropriate idea. hard-work

But it is not always helpful because you are managing lots of projects at the same time. Actually, to do more work in a day, you need to do less. How?

  • Arrange more breaks

When we have lots of projects to work on, we believe that the best way to deal with it successfully is to stick ourself to the desktop and completely concentrate on the task until the project is completed. The successful completion of the project is not necessarily associated with additional time costs, increased concentration of attention – you just need to alternate periods of intense concentration with interruptions. Our brain cannot work equally effectively throughout the day. By regularly changing the type of activity that you deal with during the day, you give your brain the ability to work at peak performance and do more in a significantly shorter time.

  • Perform morning exercises on autopilot

Willpower is an exhaustible resource that disappears as we make various decisions throughout the day. By reserving the will for the most important work, we guarantee ourselves protection against premature exhaustion.

The problem is that many of us wake up and immediately grab for phones, checking messages and notifications on social networks and checking emails. All this takes away part of our willpower even before we get out of bed. To keep the will for more important cases planned for the day, keep smartphones away from the bed, and doing morning tasks on autopilot. By doing the same thing, in a certain sequence every day in the morning, makes you feel energetic and helps you to concentrate more on work throughout the day.

  • Settle when its ‘good enough’

We spend a lot of energy to decide something; we search for more options because we believe that the more, the better but not always. It is good sometimes to work on something only until you understand that the result is “good enough”. Outline the criteria and stop at the first facility that meets your requirements. Do not continue to search for other options.

  • Find out the most important works

Don’t get involved in the unnecessary work when you already have so much work to finish. Sometimes to please other we get into the works that are not at all our business, don’t get into these types of things. Maybe it’s unnecessary to get in; try to avoid these types of situations.

  • Be positive

Positive emotions allow you to be as productive as possible. Many studies have shown that our works better when we are in the good and cheerful mood. And when we are positive we become more productive, more creative and more effective. Manage your time, and allow time for each task and don’t procrastinate.

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