Learn Multiple Languages at the Same Time

Knowing a few foreign languages always makes you smart.  Learning a new language is a complex thing to do, but it is very useful at the different level of your life. Knowing foreign language opens the gates for your better career opportunities. Here are some tips on how to learn multiple languages at the same time-multiple-language-welcome-learn

Correct time distribution – If you already know one or two foreigners and want to study the third, then in no case should you reduce the attention to those that you already own. The main thing here is to correctly allocate time: pay a third more attention to the study of a new language than to improve the previous ones. Do not take long breaks, because without practice you will quickly forget everything that you so diligently taught and have to start again. But also about rest, do not forget, dilute the study of grammatical rules with a new series of your favorite series, but on a foreign one.

 Find similarities – There is a certain classification that unites in separate branches of the language, which have a common origin, and therefore much similar, so they are easier to learn at the same time, for example, Russian and Ukrainian, Portuguese and Spanish, English and French, and the like. You will find similar words, rules for constructing sentences, or grammar, and so learning will be easier.

Try to translate mentally – Translate everything that is possible: an advertising board, an inscription on a billboard, randomly heard conversations. It is always a rest, even for a tired brain.

 Learn the language in different ways – A foreign language is a fortress that you need to storm from all sides simultaneously. Engage in the language in different ways: reading newspapers, listening to the radio, watching films, attending lectures in a foreign language, studying the textbook, meetings, and conversations with friends who are native speakers.

Learning any language from a textbook is waste if you do not communicate with native people. For the first time you will feel shy but if you will gain confidence then nothing can stop you from learning a new language.

Do not afraid of making mistakes – Do not be afraid to speak, do not be afraid of making mistakes, but ask the mentor to correct you. And most importantly, do not be upset and do not be offended if somebody corrects you.

 Practice your language every day – if there is no time, then at least ten minutes. Try to practice in the morning.

Be confident – Be firmly convinced that by all means, you will achieve the goal, that you have an unbending will and extraordinary abilities for languages. And if you have already lost faith in the existence of such – then think that you are just a smart enough person to master such a small thing as learning a foreign language.

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