Overrated vs. Underrated: Most Common Beliefs We Get Wrong

It happens that we overestimate or overrate the unimportant things and sometimes underestimate or underrate what really matters.  There are so many mistakes in the world, some are characteristic of an individual, while others are rooted deep in the whole society.   Here are some of the beliefs that are overrated and beliefs that are underrated.


Overrated – you are busy

Underrated- doing one thing at a time

If we really want to meet someone or talk to someone, we can really take time out from anything.  We are never so busy to avoid meeting the loved one.

Doing one thing at a time is underrated because most of the time we try to do lots of things simultaneously, which is not good. It takes lots of your time and your focus and attention are divided, which can affect the final results.

Overrated: Avoid criticism

Underrated: share unique ideas

People can judge you in 2 cases-

  • When you do something valuable
  • When you don’t do anything that you can do

So, whatever you do, people will criticize you.

Sometimes we are afraid of sharing our ideas because we think that it’s not that good or you are afraid that people will judge you.

Overrated: stay motivated

Underrated: environmental change

We mistakenly believe that motivation is the missing link that will allow us to stick to the diet plan, writing a book or learning a new language. Motivation is fickle, and it does not last long.

There are studies that show that motivation did not affect what people were doing for two weeks. The effect of motivation, in fact, disappeared every other day. The other 13 days the participants worked completely without motivation because they knew how to continue to work in spite of her.

Meanwhile, most of our daily choices are simply a response to the environment around us. We rarely think about the environment in which we live and work, but it controls our behavior, whether we feel motivated or not.

Overrated: the discovery of a new idea

Underrated: mastering the fundamentals

We constantly try new methods and tactics that we find out on the internet. We deceive ourselves with the idea that the new tactic will change the fact that we need to do the work.

In fact, everything is down to primitiveness. Want to become a writer? Write as much as possible. Do you want to learn a new language? Practice more.

Mastery is achieved by practicing more. You do not need more money or better strategies. Just do your job.

Overvalued: to be a leader

Underrated: being a good team member

Who wants to become a leader: status, medals, power, prestige and all are fascinating but a leader is nothing without his/her teammates. And all these desires make you a bad leader. Great teams need great players in it.

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