When to be Unreasonable with Yourself

We set goals, we make plans and we try hard to achieve it in the allotted time. We set goals which are easy for us to achieve, which do not require a lot of hard work, overall we set goals that we think we can achieve. We afraid to set unreasonable goals because we think we are not capable of achieving it. We always make boundaries around our self; we don’t allow ourselves to move out of the boundaries.


But is it really good to set unexpected or unreasonable goals for ourselves? Should we keep high expectations for ourselves?

Yes, of course, we should not believe that there are limitations for our dreams. We believe that there are certain levels beyond which we cannot go. But it’s not true. We should not set a limit to our thoughts, dreams, and goals. Thinking beyond the limitations, and you won’t believe yourself what you are capable of. We have to be unreasonable to be unique in the world. For example take an example of Galileo, if he accepted what church wanted everyone to believe that the earth was the center of the universe? But he did not accept it and made a huge new discovery.

Keeping your thinking outside the boundaries helps you to maximize your potential. You just have to start thinking outside of your capacity of doing. It happens sometimes that we try something new, that is beyond our limit, and if we did not succeed then we stop trying. We get afraid that it is of no use, you won’t succeed, it better to continue what you already have.

nobody love spending hours in an office away from family and home, you have to think high and great things to achieve more and to reach that level from where you don’t have to stay away from your loved ones. Everyone expects big things from you; even you expect great things from yourself. Set unreasonable goals, try hard to achieve it. What could worse happen? You won’t succeed but at least you tried. The support from family, friends, and colleagues plays role in your unreasonable goals. Their support and appreciation can help you keep trying to seek huge things in life.

Don’t make the plans for the whole life, you never know what can motivate you to think something big. Don’t make your life predictable.

Don’t accept the things as it is, try to change it according to you. Start with small things but at least try. Every failure teaches you a lesson remember it and don’t be depressed. Trust yourself and be confident about your capabilities, you can do anything you want to do whether it is small or a huge goal.

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