Fast Growth is Overrated: Is it True

Every businessman who starts a new business enters the market to achieve everything as soon as possible. What do you think the big companies like McDonald’s, Google, and others became one of the most famous companies just in a day? Of course not, it is a hard of many years and hard work of many people. You can achieve anything just in a night is not true.


We have to work hard and we have to work constantly to reach the top. You cannot just make your company like others famous one just with a single idea. Fast growth is overrated. We cannot say that profitable growth in short period of time is not possible but it requires management, focus, proper strategies and a leader.

Businessmen believe that spending lots of money can give you the success at a faster rate but no! If you don’t have good employees, you yourself have no idea of your business then how you can expect it to at faster rate? Because of this thinking, many businessmen take loans from the banks, and unfortunately, if your business fails then you are in debt. It is important to use the resources that you are capable of buying. If you will try to expand quickly then there are more chances of mistakes that mean you are wasting your resources.

In hope of fast growth, we develop the habit of rapid decision making, which lead you to difficult situations. Before taking any decision you should always think about the long-term consequences of it.

Many reports say that the faster you grow the faster you fall. There are certain reasons that can lead to falling off the big companies for example- they don’t have a leader who has a vision of long-term success or who don’t welcome the new and innovative ideas. There are lots of competitions in the market, so if you don’t allow your company to involve any new ideas then there are chances that it will fall soon.

We are not saying that you should start your business with very slow rate, but if you grow slowly then you learn lots of things on the way. You use your resources very wisely and waste very less if you start slowly.

Your focus is distributed if you are expecting the fast growth; you have to think about lots of things simultaneously. But at slower growth, you focus on one thing at a time and take good decisions that can help your company to grow.

Try to learn fast to grow faster. You should have a clear idea of what are your business plans, learn about it thoroughly. You should be quicker to take opportunities and should learn whenever you get chance.

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