How to Increase Views on Your YouTube Video in 2018

Among top-most social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat; YouTube is the largest platform to promote your business. Out of 5 millennials, 4 focus on researching for purchase decision, in 2018 marketers are going to work on video marketing with new strategies to attract more viewers. youtube

In order to increase YouTube views, YouTube videos are supposed to follow some criteria that would help them in gaining maximum viewership. Once you decide to buy YouTube views, the following points should be given priority:

  1. Focus on One Topic
    A Channel should not be scattered in terms of the topic it covers through the video content. For instance, if your subject is to cover reviews about gadgets or technology, it’s essential that you emphasize on the right keywords that are to be added in the title, description, and tags of the video. Tools like is designed to help you find out niche keywords.
  1. Cross-Check If It’s Well Optimized
    The title plays a major role in helping a viewer understand the content and giving them hint to click and watch the video. Try to use initial keywords after proper research about the subject. It’s not about writing too much if the title or description, rather you have to hit the right meaning with apt keywords. Apt keyword simply means the words that are being searched most by the users.
  1. Go for Quality Thumbnails
    No matter what sort of content you will be showing to the audience, they will not be able to find it out unless you put an eye-catching visual in the form of a thumbnail. Like the video title, a thumbnail decides the destiny of a video, whether it will be seen enough times or not. Make sure you add a high-quality image to improve the CTR (click through rate). You can add highlights text and arrows to direct the audience.
  1. Add More Cards
    If you observe the Analytics of your channel you would get to know an average arch time spent by most of the viewers. This indicates the point where the viewers are losing interest. It is recommended to closely evaluate that point and place YouTube cards to direct them to other links, as its better to give them options rather than completely losing their interest in the content.
  1. Auto-Queue URLs through Playlists
    When a video reaches its end, mostly you get to see a list of recommended videos, which might be from your channel or from a different one. To ensure that the viewer stays on your channel is to add a well-crafted playlist, due to which they will automatically be able to view all other videos of related subject. A hack you can follow is that instead of adding the normal URL, you can attach playlist ID in the link, this way they will be taken to the second video and so on.
  1. Encourage Interactions and Comments
    To have more views, you should push comments and engagement with the audience. YouTube supports channels with high engagement rate, which not only includes likes, shares, comments, subscribers but also the watch and time spent on the channel. Try to fit into the community and build a loyal network that would be interested in the content you upload.
  1. Related Channels must be Active
    If you have any other known business channel that sounds similar to yours and have a common interest with, you should turn those on. Most of the YouTubers turn that off, which is. big mistake form marketing point of view. It shows you are afraid of the competitor’s activity, whereas, on the other hand, you should turn those on so that you are not removed from being recommended. Getting recommendations will help you to develop a vast network on YouTube.
  1. Use Sub Confirmation to YouTube Links
    With YouTube channel, if you have a website, then it’s beneficial to share YouTube video links on the website. But this is not all, you got to do this in an improved manner. Make use of sub_confirmation, doing this will ask the viewer to subscribe the channels as soon as they click on the link.

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