Places to Visit on Your Holiday in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the place to be in the event that you are searching for an exciting end of the week getaway. All things considered, it is extremely unlikely you can be content in only an end of the week, you should develop your vacation plan for a couple of more days as there is such a great amount to see and do. los-angeles

When one considers Los Angeles, Hollywood harvests up in the psyche yet trust me, there is a lot more to this dynamic city than the Tinsel town and you will delightfully investigate every last corner of various vacation destinations.

Griffith Observatory

Arranged south to downtown Los Angeles, this is one of the famous spots which draws in a large number of individuals consistently. Being around 1134 feet above ocean level, it is unmistakable from most parts of Los Angeles. The given name of the observatory is on account of it is based on the land indicated by Col. Griffith J. Griffith.

Olvera Street

Call it Olvera road or La Placita Olvera, this road is in certainty a distinctively beautiful town having around 27 generally vital structures including a Mexican court zone. This place is licensed to be the origination of Los Angeles and offers some genuinely true Mexican foods, Mexican shops alongside some extraordinary Mexican music and moving, parties and festivities.

Santa Clause Catalina Island

This mysterious place is situated in the Los Angeles district, only 22 miles far from south-west of Los Angeles. Otherwise called Catalina island or Catalina, this island brags of a rich history and culture. This island was first involved by Tongva.


Since you are going to Los Angeles city, you will be chasing for good eating and wine places. Your pursuit closes at Chinatown as your olfactory, visual and sound-related faculties will thoroughly enjoy the fragrance and sight of this place. Incredible sustenance, with astoundingly great trinkets to bring home is the thing that you have to make this trek really vital.

Santa Clause Monica


Santa Clause Monica is an oceanside clamoring town which is encompassed by the city of Los Angeles from three sides. Arranged in the Los Angeles district, this town offers a remarkable and stunning California shoreline encounter. A day voyage through the town going by the craftsmanship exhibitions and historical center, and a nightlife including unrecorded music bars and discos are not by any means the only things this place offer its guests, there’s bounty more!



One place you will be longing for to visit since setting foot in this city is Hollywood. Pay reverence to the stars whom you imagined. On the off chance that you are fortunate, you can even get a look at a portion of the big names you perused about in the sensationalist newspapers. The trek to Hollywood starts with Grauman’s Chinese theater and goes ahead to Madame Tussauds, Hollywood wax gallery, and so forth. Another great approach to delight the sights and hints of the Tinseltown is to purchase a Hollywood City PASS which will take you on a voyage through Hollywood’s four must-see attractions.

Some More Places to Visit in Los Angeles

  • Topanga State Park
  • Huntington Botanical Garden
  • Mulholland Drive
  • Reverberate Park
  • Dusk Strip
  • Hollywood Bowl
  • L A Live
  • Hollyhock House
  • Venice Beach
  • Descanso Garden

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