Reduce Stress in Just 2 Minutes

No matter where you are working- in the office or you are a housewife or you are a successful business person, everybody is under pressure of work and under stress. Continuous work in stress condition can affect your health, you may develop heart diseases. There are many things that can help you to reduce stress level, like meditation, setting priorities, time management, exercising and many more.


But there is something more interesting thing that can help you to do reduce your stress within 2 minutes. One research was conducted on how your posture can affect your hormones and ultimately stress. The research was conducted on people of every age group and of every profession. The results were very effective and effective.  So let’s see how certain postures can help you to reduce the stress level and make you feel confident-

  • The boss pose

You must have noticed how your boss stands sometimes while talking to you. They keep their hands down on the table with feet apart and chin up. Try this pose and stand for 2 minutes in this position. Relax and breathe in this position.

  • The Superhero Pose

We have seen superheroes flying and standing ready for enemies. Notice the posture, all superheroes stand in this position. They keep their feet wide open, keep their hand or fist on the hips. It will help you to relax and to feel motivated.

  • The seated pose

Just forget about your work for a while and stretch yourself. Keep your hands on the back of your neck, stretch your legs and keep one leg on the knee of other leg and sit in this position for 2 minutes. Or another way, extend your legs on the table, cross them at ankles and keep your hands on the back of the neck.

The time is just 2 minutes; it does not feel that you are spending time on resting rather.  This poses really helped so many people.

Just take a break from your work and take 2 minutes of rest.

Keep yourself active during work, you would feel good about it yourself and if you are not frustrated and stressed and your colleagues will also enjoy working with you. And if you are the boss, then don’t think that your employee is lazy or taking rest in office timing. Believe it, won’t be disappointed.

Don’t pressure yourself to work hard because if your body gets tired then your mind doesn’t work, you feel frustrated and may take wrong decisions.

Completing the work under pressure can be difficult and it does not only influence your productivity but also your psyche.

You will feel confident and motivated about your work if you enjoy your doing it and if you love your job.  So always choose the things that you like.

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