All You Need to Know About Yoga in Singapore

Yoga has its roots in Asia, in particular in India. Since Singapore is in close proximity to India than many other parts of the world, it has many immigrants from India. They brought yoga to Singapore, and people accepted it due to the many benefits. According to Visa Express, an agency that helps people obtain immigration documents, people of Indian origin are one of the largest groups to move to Singapore.


So, they keep bringing in the latest yoga techniques as yoga gurus back home keep inventing them.

Today, Singapore has some of the best yoga studios in the world. They also have experienced yogis from different parts of Asia where yoga is highly appreciated. You cannot visit Singapore and have a bad experience with yoga.

Basic Yoga Moves in Singapore

  • Gentle yoga – new faces arrive in Singapore frequently. Most of them do not have any experience in yoga, yet they want to experience it when they come to Singapore. In many studios here, it is popular to have a tutor introduce gentle yoga to those who are new to yoga. It involves simple moves and stretches suitable for newbies. However, they have a relaxing effect, especially when combined with meditation techniques.
  • Restorative yoga – many people fly to Singapore with attending a yoga retreat as one of their goals. During this retreat, restorative yoga is used especially if someone has a health challenge. The techniques focus on recovery and the increase of vitality. These techniques can be applied both to novices or those who are used to yoga. While in Singapore, you are likely to find some of the best yogis and yoga studios in the world.
  • Stress relief yoga – are you tired of city life and stress from work and business? Make a trip to    Singapore, and you will get all the necessary help you need. Just to let you know, Singapore’s yoga retreat centers are mostly in serene and tranquil areas. Even before one can start the activity, the atmosphere has already set the mood.
  • Hatha yoga – when people mention yoga in Singapore, hatha yoga comes to mind. The locals say that this is the original yoga, which combines asana—the physical techniques—and pranayama—the breathing techniques. Even though this is for the experienced yogis, beginners can learn quickly and enjoy the numerous benefits that come with it.

Best Yoga Studios and Retreat Centers in Singapore

  • Pure Yoga – being one of the most popular yoga studios in Singapore, it boasts over 120 classes every week. Their yoga instructors are not only experienced but also passionate about what they do. The good thing is that there are many instructors in order to give all their students the best attention they need. If you are lucky, you will catch up with one of the many yoga guest tutors they invite from India and other Asian countries that are known for yoga.
  • Yoga Lab – this lab is owned by one of the best yoga instructors in Singapore, Jasmine Chong. For this reason, it is one of the best especially now that the other instructors have learned a great deal from Chong. Another unique aspect of this popular studio is that the activities are categorized into physics and biology. This covers physical moves and those that deal with health, respectively.
  • Yoga Divas – if you are looking for an outdoor yoga activity, then this is the choice to make. Here, you can learn or practice hatha yoga from experienced and skilled female instructors. Their main locations are tropical yoga studios throughout Singapore, but they also move to other locations. Their focus is on breathing techniques, and this is why they focus on locations with serenity and tranquility.

Considerations to Make While Choosing Yoga Studios in Singapore

Due to the numerous studios in Singapore, you are likely to find a variety of activities. Therefore, it is up to you to choose one that offers what you are looking for in yoga. Instructors play a major role, and checking their skills and experience is a good idea. Those with significant experience are likely to offer the best techniques.

Additionally, you may be interested to check the location of the studio. Some people want to balance accessibility and how far away from the center of the city the studio is. If you are looking for somewhere to spend a couple of days doing pure yoga, then a retreat center will be better than a studio.


Singapore is a great yoga hub both for locals and visitors. Since Singapore is a multicultural state, one is likely to be able to find yoga customized to what she or he is used to. On the other hand, it creates a great opportunity to try Chinese yoga, pure Indian yoga or any other yoga of your choice. Remember to remain focused while doing this as it will have an effect on your overall health. Enjoy your yoga in Singapore!

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