How to Gain More Followers, Hearts and Likes on

The social app has grown a lot in last few months, especially when celebrities have started to experiment with dialogues and classic songs. On Facebook and Instagram, people are quite excited to watch such interesting and entertaining stuff. A new culture among the youth to get temporary fame and it’s going to happen only when you are able to gain followers.


Hearts and likes from the audience. To increase followers specifically, you got to maintain certain points while posting from your profile, as there are lot many other updates that might subdue your video. Read out the following factors that will help you to increase Musical likes on

  1. Use good lighting

To grab attention from the audience, gives you enough options to pick from. You can pick filters and different modes of video recording, which improves the quality. But all of this would be meaningless if you do not add required lighting for recording the clip. The priority is to make it attractive, hence, it is recommended to have suitable light effects. Most of the experts have noticed, it adds to the quality and also increases Hearts.

  1. Make it attractive

Not only the content but other tools like filters, emojis, frames etc. are little adjustments that provides to enhance the ability to seek the attention of a video. To make it look good, people try to go through so many changes unless they find all the right things placed in the right spot.

  1. Add trendy hashtags

What all you see on or any other social channel, its all due to the appropriate use of hashtags. You do not lose any related keyword by adding hashtags. All those posts that have already been posted or are popular would automatically be linked to the one you are going to post. It’s like talking about a thing and acknowledging about it in public by using hashtags.

  1. Categorize the videos

Like they do on YouTube, to keep videos under one category and divide all of them according to a certain genre, style or subject. In the same way, you should also follow the same method on as well. Here, there are might not be too many topics to maintain or work on but this would give your audience an organized feel while checking out the profile.

  1. High-Quality of resolution

If you choose to record from the phone make sure it can compete with the DSLR quality. Although this is not practically possible, given the nature of the app, it’s not nice to have a blurred video recorded. You need to impress the audience and give intensity t the mood of the scene. Therefore, to fulfill all the criteria for recording choose a filter that suits your theme and background best. Please note that the character that is imitation has to be placed well in the frame, so as even if the resolutions are not perfect, the visual should not look ugly, boring or of poor quality.

  1. Have something new to post

Surrounded by many, you might be confused about the most liked as a lot is happening on the network. So the challenge is to keep on coming up with new ideas and record a fun stuff for the audience at least it can get applauded for the humor element. Those who wish to buy followers should know they would still need niche content to earn organic likes, hearts, and followers.

  1. Keep your account public

The more viewers you get the better reach it’s going to get in the long-run. Hence to make it happen its preferred to keep the account open for public. Also, a first-timer can look into the timeline and check one of the previously uploaded videos. This would make it easy for you to promote on other social platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

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