Interesting Facts about Nepal

Nepal is a modest land-secured country situated in the Himalayas. It is flanked by China on its north and India on its south, east and west. It is the 93rd biggest nation on the planet, considering land mass, and populace insightful, it is the 41st most crowded nation.


Top of the World

Who wouldn’t care to be at the highest point of the tallest top on the planet? However, for that, you should book a ticket to Nepal. The tallest mountain peak on the planet, Mount Everest, called Sagarmatha in the nearby Nepalese dialect, is exceedingly respected by the neighborhood Sherpa individuals.

Religion in Nepal

Nepal is a common nation; however, Hinduism is the religion that rules Nepal. More than 80 percent of the populace hones Hindu customs and ceremonies. Buddhism is likewise a noteworthy religion here and is trailed by many individuals.

The Land of the Himalayas

Mount Makalu

The sloping north of Nepal has eight of the main ten tallest mountains on the planet. Astounding, isn’t that so? The pinnacles are – Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga (third most noteworthy), Mount Lhotse, Mount Makalu, Mount Cho Oyu.

Origination of the Buddha
The considerable and loved Gautam Buddha was conceived in Lumbini, Nepal. Tenzing Norgay, among the primary people to scale Mount Everest, is a Nepalese Sherpa. Not at all like in Western nations, do individuals in Nepal shake their hands to welcome each other or a newcomer. They rather, put their palms together and say Namaste. Nepalese individuals esteem their conventions and regard their traditions and customs above whatever else.

Nepalese Food

As far is nourishment is considered, lion’s share of the Nepalese are veggie lovers. Goat is favored as meat. Lentils, rice, millet and corn are additionally favored by individuals.


Kathmandu is the capital and the biggest city in Nepal. The numerous sanctuaries and royal residences in the capital give it a Medieval air. For its socially rich and critical engineering, The Kathmandu Durbar Square has been pronounced a world legacy locate by the UNESCO.

Nepalese Currency


The zone of Nepal is around 147,181 square kilometers and as indicated by the 2010 registration, the populace is around 29,331,000. The money of Nepal is ‘Rupiya’. Till 2008, Nepal was an established government, however now it is an equitable nation. Nepal, however a poor nation, is honored with rich widely varied vegetation.

Himalayan Monal

The cow is the national animal and is exceedingly loved. what’s more, slaughtering it for meat is a lawful offense in this nation. The Himalayan Monal, referred to locally as Danfe, is the national fledgling. Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka is the national hymn of Nepal. It hails from Nepalese pride, valor, rich culture, individuals, beautiful excellence, peace and biodiversity.

Trekker’s Paradise

For individuals inspired by trekking, boating and climbing, Nepal resembles paradise. The districts and endless mountains make it a trekker’s heaven.

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