Bollywood-The Window

“Bollywood ” the name itself the rhythm of India , the platform to give highest number of films per year as compare to any other film industry in the world , hundreds of actors , thousands of actresses , one of the biggest dreams of young India . We all have our taste of films and the hopefully Bollywood serve all the flavors. It is impossible to live in India with a distance with these films they can catch you at any corner of road but what if I tell you that it not only us who love them but more than half of the world love to see our Bollywood love , drama , romance , fight , songs and cute , beautiful Indian girls .

Image by: Miguel 聲gel Coronel(Rita Haywordth Bollywood)[CC-2.0]
Yeah , Bollywood is quite that everybody like to see and the reasons are not any shocking , they allow viewers to come out of their own lives and get involved with what is on screen . Usually Bollywood movies have plot with variation in how one`s life is changing .Generally there is mixing of some sort of romance ,jealousy , with spices of fights , beautiful Indian songs , at last the boy gets the girl ,lasts with happy endings and viewers come out with smiles from the theaters , this is how people like to refresh their whole busy week with Saturday nights .


Pakistan is on 2nd place which consumes Bollywood movies after India , as they have same language , signs and same style of living . Pakistani cinema halls are usually full when Bollywood films are shown . Countries like Indonesia , Vietnam , tajikistan, Uzbekistan , and many others from Asia and Europe have cinema halls which show these movies after dubbing in their own languages . They all admire these movies and sometimes you can find them singing hindi songs with their own accents , its interesting ,yeah ? they all know about bollywood actors and actresses . Shahrukh Khan , Salman khan , Amitabh bachchan are famous among them . SRK is colloquial synonym of Bollywood for them , they try to imitate their actions , dialogues and clothings.


I live in Russia here I met with lots of Bollywood lovers , they ask questions like ` do you understand everything what they are saying in film ?` and i like ` yeah , its my language ` , they make expression as I have got something really precious that they don`t have , talking with old people is quite more interesting, they learned many of hindi words and none of them forget to tell the name of Rajiv Kapoor , Nargis , movies they have seen , and most of them identify us even without talking . People from these countries have dream to go to India once in their life time , to see our culture and meet with film stars of India .

Bollywood produces more than 800 movies every year and nowadays these movies are releasing whole over the world , so obviously it have a honorable place in world arena and now growing to incredibly huge scale , increasing its popularity , impacted on the every corner of the world . Bollywood gives a window to look into culture of India for all its foreign viewers ,it is potentially a big entertainment market and have grounds to become world leader in future .

Let the stars shine brighter and Bollywood developing. Shine brighter Bollywood .

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