J.-s.c. “Retinoids”: A Russian Pharmaceutical Company

J.-s.c. “Retinoids” is a Russian pharmaceutical company that performs medical research and manufactures drugs (for the treatment of skin diseases). The company is developing, producing and selling medicaments and active pharmaceutical substances on the Russian pharmaceutical market for more than a quarter of a century.about-retinoids

“Retinoids” have a long-term work experience in the market, scientific potential and high-tech production base, corresponding to the best world practice, so that allows “Retinoids” to produce products with quality that is recognized by the medical community and customers.

History of “Retinoids”

In the year of 1991 – Birth of Retinoids company

The pharmaceutical company “Retinoids” was founded in 1991 in Moscow, Russia. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, a team of the best scientists in the field of medical and biological science gathered at the Central Dermato-Venereological Institute under the leadership of Vladimir Ivanovich Nozdrin. It came possible to create and register the company in 1991, with original model that included the following stages of drug production: development, clinical research, production and sale of drugs for the skin diseases treatment.

In the year of 1994 – First steps

In the early nineties, many pharmaceutical factories in Russia were closed. At that time the company “Retinoids” produced those medicines which were traditionally produced by the old pharmaceutical companies as well as those medicines which had an acute shortage in the market. In parallel, “Retinoids” had begun to create a line of drugs for the treatment of skin diseases containing vitamin A and its synthetic analogs, registered those medicines and brought them to the market.

In the year of 1995

The production and sales of Radevit drug (a medicine produced by Retinoids) have been established, which later became the flagship of company product portfolio.

In the year of 1998

In 1998, “Retinoids” started to replace many traditional products on market with “Retinoids” own new advance developed products with strong advances, and expanded the production scale to the next level.

In the year of 2000

The company updated the production equipment so then the production level reached 1 million packages per year. “Retinoids” actively developed the service of quality control and assurance. Same year “Retinoids” started to build its own buildings.

In the year of 2002 – Platinum ounce

In 2002, J.-s.c. “Retinoids” became the winner of the Open Contest in Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals “Platinum Ounce 2002” (under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation).

In the year of 2006

The scientific potential of the company is actively developing. In Orel, Russia, J.-s.c. “Retinoids” built a research center where the new medicines are being researched.

In the year of 2015 – GMP Standard

In the year of 2015, the company received one more achievement. The company received a conclusion confirming the compliance of the enterprise with the requirements of the Rules for the Organization of Production and Quality Control of Medicines – Good Manufacture Practice (GMP).

In the year of 2016 – Expansion of Production

“Retinoids” built the production complex in Moscow Region equipped with modern, advanced systems for production and quality control of the products.

Today we carry out activities in the following areas:

  • production of drugs
  • production of pharmaceutical substances
  • retail sale of medicines
  • medical services (admission of patients in the Scientific Dermatological Center “Retinoids”)
  • preclinical research
  • the production of educational slides for microscopy
  • manufacturing of cosmetic products

Today the company consists of several large divisions:

  1. A production department equipped with all modern requirements, on which medicines and active pharmaceutical substances are produced.
  2. The preclinical research center, which develops new drugs for the skin diseases treatment.
  3. Clinical base – Scientific dermatological center, where the patient’s treatment and drug safety monitoring of the safety of drugs occurs.

However, the main activity of the company remains the drug production.

J.-s.c. “Retinoids” Philanthropic Activities

Retinoids being the leader in the pharmaceutical market in Russia and eastern Europe never rejected to help the needed part of the society. The company has been doing several philanthropist activities for the development of medical science, health care facilities and education. “Retinoids” donate a huge amount of money to medical institutes in Russia for the medical education development. “Retinoids” performed many types of applied methods to increase the scientific research and health care quality. “Retinoids” donates study materials like books, histological slides, and other types of medical equipment in medical institutes for improving the education quality. Scientists from “Retinoids” published significant research articles in international scientific journals; the only purpose behind this is to share the knowledge which would help in the advancement healthcare research throughout the world.

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