How to Name Your Company: 6 Tips for a Successful Company Name


Well, the name means a lot for a company. When you spell Ferrari it feels awesome. The name has a weight which can steal people’s attention. But naming a proper company name is not an easy task to do. I mean if you are thinking of starting a startup you need an awesome name. But if you are already a billionaire then actually you don’t need any suggestion for starting a new brand.

Here are some suggestions you should follow before naming your brand-

Company name should not be too bigĀ 
Too big company names need more time to pronounce. And so it can create a bad impression on your company. Try to use the small innovative word for your brand. I suggest your company name should not cross 13 letters. If possible should be between 10 letters.

Company name should have a meaningĀ 
Meaningless company name actually does not have an impression on your customer. If you want to launch a product and your product name has no relation with your product then can reduce your market value.

Do keyword search for your company name
You must know what people wants from you before naming your company name. Try to find keywords related to your company and use them in your company name. If you are in some type of online business then this is a must. I will suggest you use Google Adwords for keyword research.

Company name should be unique and Unforgettable
The Google name is in our heart. It’s small unique and we can never forget this name. So is the case of Apple. Awesome name was given and today apple brand is in our heart. Try to find something unique and which actually leaves a huge impact on our brain. I can suggest you a small method to do this. Fix some names for your company and tell these names to your friends and relatives. After one week ask again them about the names. And try to find out which name they remember more.

Keep it Simple
Don’t use complicated words for your brand. Complicated words create confusion. Many people even don’t remember those names

Don’t target specific people
Your brand name should not contain names of any specific group or specific territory. If you do this you will limit your company to that group or region only. Suppose you use your country name in your brand name. This will actually limit your company to your country only.

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