Top Online Business Ideas


The Internet is a great platform for starting your business. Nowadays startup founder always wants their business to be established on the internet. Here is the list of some best online business ideas which you can start today only.

1. Start a Blog 
Many people do blogging because of passion or hobby. If you are a good writer and have good knowledge in some field then start blogging and start earning money staying at home. There are many successful blogs who are earning more than 1000 dollars a month. To start a blog read our article “How to Start a Blog”. Websites like Techcrunch, Shoutmeloud, lifehacks etc are very popular and successful by publishing articles and blogs.


2. Be an online affiliate marketer
Online affiliating is one of the trending ways for internet entrepreneurs as the initial investment is very low. There are many online websites for whom you can be an affiliate. Here are some popular affiliate marketing programs- Amazon associates, Google affiliate Network, LinkShare, Cj affiliate, ClickBank.

3. Create your own e-commerce website 
There are many e-commerce websites in this present world who are earning in millions and billions. So why don’t you create your own e-commerce website and sell your product online. There are some platforms available which will make your work easy. Websites like Shopify, Woocommerce are there to give you a user-friendly online place to sell your products or services at very low investment. You don’t have to worry about many things like delivery or warehousing your product.

4. Stock and Forex trading 
Stock and Forex trading is one of the key of many successful millionaires and billionaires. Many people invest money in Stock and Forex trading with the aim of gaining considerable profit. But this seems to be risky in many aspects. But starting with small investment at right time and continuously analysing the market for many years can help you to earn a reasonable profit. Always have patience, think before investment and research the stock market for a long time to gain experience and knowledge.

5. Internet Marketing 
There are more than 1.5 billion websites at present world. But only a few get noticed by us and also search engines. There are many websites in present world who are struggling to prove their existence. Once a site is developed the next step is to promote it via Internet marketing. Internet marketing has many aspects like social network marketing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) etc. If you are an expert in any of these then you can help other websites to be successful in this digital world. There are many SEO experts who are earning good amount by helping other websites to improve their search engine ranks.

6. Be a web designer 
If you are expert in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP etc then start developing websites for others and earn good money.

7. Build Apps 
Nowadays almost every brand and websites are launching their apps. If you are expert in building apps you can make apps for others and then sell it. You can also make your own paid version apps like game, players etc. A suggestion is to launch both free and paid version of any apps. The Free version inspires the user to invest money in your paid version app.

8. Dating and Match Making Websites 
Relationship is one of the most complicated things to understand yet people love to get involved in this. There are many online dating websites and online matrimony websites which help people to get their good partner. You can develop your own matchmaking, matrimony or dating website.

9. Online gaming business 
Game lovers always love to try new games. Develop your own online gaming platform for game lovers.

10. Online Art or Photo Gallery 
Create your own online art or photo gallery and sell paintings online.

11. Sell products on eBay 
eBay gives you the platform to sell your products online in exchange for some commissions. Create your own store on eBay and start selling your products.

12. Publishing E-book 
Websites like Lulu, Kindle etc helps authors to publish their books online and sell them in exchange for a percentage of your earning. You can either sell your own ebook using these platforms or open your own website and help authors to publish their books in your website at free of cost.

13. Making themes 
If you are a professional web developer then this is the best option for you. Create different themes for websites and sell them on the internet like in WordPress, Wix etc.

14. Video creation and editing
Nowadays YouTube has made life easy for a filmmaker who used to struggle their life to publish their film. You can create your own video and publish them on the internet or if you are expert in video editing then help others to create awesome videos.

15. Online Legal firm 
Many people especially companies search for legal help on the internet. If you are a legal expert then start your own legal firm online and help others in legal problems.

16. Managing social media profiles 
There are many business people or companies who have social media account but don’t have time to maintain them. Why can’t you be the one who maintains their social media profiles? Just give regular updates to their account.

17. Paid Writing 
Be a columnist or a blogger for a popular company on the internet and get paid for writing articles for them.

18. Domain Dealing 
Many people do this business of buying and then selling domains on the internet. Domain name is a priority for many companies. So research before buying your domain and then invest some money to make that website a good popular one. And then sell it and get a good amount of profit. You can get maybe ten times or sometimes hundred times of what you invested for that website.

19. Online consultant services 
The main job of any experienced consultant is to give consultancy on various issues like business, technical, health, relation etc. It’s not necessary for you to be present on the spot to give consultancy. You can have your own online consultancy firm. You can give consultancy to others by calling them, text chatting or Skype video call or any other online means.

20. Online Flight Booking Service
You don’t need a great knowledge or huge investment to start this business. The first and most important thing you need is a legal partnership with any certified ticketing company or any travel agency. As an online agent, you can sell online flight tickets and earn a percentage of the ticket price.

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