7 Reasons Why Small Business should be in Social Media

The growing popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus has forced all business brands to use social media as a connecting platform between customer and company. Small business group faces the main challenge to prove their existence in the market. And social media platforms have definitely made their work easier. If you are a part of the small business or any startup it’s the time to connect your brand with social media.social-media

Here are some useful reasons why small business needs social media platforms.

1. It’s free 
Well, you heard it right social media platforms are completely free. Unlike traditional methods which require money to reach your customers, social media is completely free of cost. Most new startups who have less funding gets social media very beneficial.

2. Connecting with more people 
Social media has a wide range of people associated with it. As per statistics, Facebook has approximately 1.94 billion users worldwide. So just think you have the opportunity to connect with such a huge market. You can target your customers as per your need.

3. Customizable Ads 
Unlike traditional mode of advertisement where you don’t have the opportunity to target a specific group of customers, Social Media like Facebook, Twitter provides you wide variety of customizable ad which you can target a specific group of customers. You can target ad on the basis of age, place, people’s like etc.

4. Your Competitor is in Social Network 
Yes, if you are thinking of neglecting social media platforms then your competitors will get an advantage. Around 91% of brands are present in social media at present time. So, it’s your turn to get yourself updated and get connected to social media.

5. Social Media boosts your Website’s SEO 
If you are into an online business like e-commerce, information sharing business then social media helps a lot to increase your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If your small business is active in social media and has a good number of followers in social media then definitely search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc will favour your website. Your business website will be more likely to be found by users in search engines.

6. Helps to get Feedback and give a chance to improve 
Once you inform your customers by posting posts in social media your customers will share their views on your products or services. Facebook gives a wide opportunity to users to share their views by liking or commenting on the posts. You can get many suggestions to improve your product or service. Some may praise or some may criticize.

7. Reach to those customers who never existed
With such huge number of people using social media, it helps you to find customers whom you have never known in real life. Small businesses have to struggle to find valuable customers and the best platform for that is social media.

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