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Computer and Internet


How to Increase Spotify Followers and Plays in 2018

One of the popular where listeners and artists both can access and upload the music is Spotify. In order to increase Spotify followers, you need to execute the following tips.....Read More

How to Increase Your Telegram Members in 2018

Telegram is a social messaging network that operates like any other social app, itís another marketing tool for small and big businesses.....Read More

6 Ways to Increase Views on Dailymotion

To know the method to increase Dailymotion views, you need to understand how it works and why Dailymotion videos are not ranked high on Google.....Read More

Top 7 Strategies to Make Your YouTube Channel Even More Popular

If you are a YouTuber and focusing on making your channel even more popular, then you are at a right place. Following marketing strategies will be leading your way for the same.....Read More

Why Youtube Views Freeze at 301 Views

While promoting your Youtube channel, when views and likes start to come in, you expect it to grow continuously without any halt. YouTube views work as currency in improving the reach of your YouTube channel.....Read More

How to Increase YouTube Views for Free

A YouTuber is concerned about how to increase views on YouTube. In order to help you increase YouTube views, here are some methods to follow.....Read More

Top 5 Event Check In Products

Check-in event management software is your main tool for engaging people and expanding the magnificence of the event that youíre about to empower.....Read More

The Top 10 Indian Youtubers to Get Inspired From

One of the most popular and inspiring platforms, YouTube has some interesting personalities as YouTubers, Here are the top 10 examples of Indian YouTubers to get inspired.....Read More

Does Buying YouTube Views Work?

On YouTube, each step you take forward to promote or improve viewership of your channel counts. But does buying views in YouTube work?....Read More

Online Identity Theft: Getting Secured from Online Identity Theft

Many Internet users are victims of online identity theft. Online identity theft is referred to stealing your private data including credit card information, bank details, your online activities, personal files etc.....Read More

Credit Card Fraud: Using Credit Card Securely

Credit card secret information can be stolen and some hacker or any cyber criminal can use it for a wrong purpose. Here are some security tips you can follow to get protected from credit card fraud.....Read More

Ransomware: Getting Secured from Ransomware Malware

Ransomware is a malware which infects the victim's device and encrypts all files so that user cannot access those files. Some security measures can be taken to get protected from ransomware malware.....Read More

Best Ways to Get Rid of Spam

Spam is generally undesired flooded junk emails sent to an individual without user's consent. To get rid of spam emails you can try these tips.....Read More

Linux v/s Windows: How Linux Differ from Windows

Windows dominate the OS market but still many people still prefer Linux for its robust and ruggedness. Linux is Supported by almost all sort of devices.....Read More

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is an online internet service which is customizable and accessible to the user through internet and is used to manage and store a large amount of data.....Read More

Top Video Editing Software

The best video editing softwares are decided by their high performance and features. Here are some top video editing softwares. ....Read More

What is Bitcoin? How Bitcoin Works?

Bitcoin is a virtual electronic currency. Know what is bitcoin and how bitcoin works as a virtual money. ....Read More

Top Hidden Facts about Deep Web

Deep web cannot be accessed by simple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. TOR is used to access deep web. Here are some facts about deep web.....Read More

Top Free Media Players for Windows

There are hundreds of media players available of which only few which are free, easy-to-use, efficient and supports almost all media formats are listed here.....Read More

How DNS (Domain Name System) Works?

DNS or Domain Name System is the intermediate part of the internet used to locate the numerical IP address of the website which you are searching under some set of network protocols.....Read More

Best Firewall Protection Software in the Internet

Here are some best firewall softwares which give you protection from latest threats and also allows to use different software in your PC safely.....Read More

How Secure is Your Password? Tips to Give a Strong Password

Here are the tips for getting a password of good strength and checking how secure is your password.....Read More

How to Secure Your WiFi Network?

Proper security measures for surfing safely in the internet using your WiFi connection is utmost required. Here are some security steps required to be followed before using the WiFi connection.....Read More

How VPN (Virtual Private Network) Works?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows the user to access the internet privately by encrypting and encapsulating the network traffic over an unsecured network. ....Read More

How to Recover Lost Data from Memory Card

For some reasons your memory card may not work properly. Hence you cannot access your data stored. Here are the steps to recover your lost data from your memory card.....Read More

How to Download YouTube Video

Youtube is designed for watching and sharing video only. There is some easy process by which you can download your video that too free of cost.....Read More

How to Start Your Own Blog

If you are a passionate writer then you can share your writing with the whole world by writing blog. But how to start your own blog? Here are all steps to start your own blog.....Read More

How to Create Your Own Website

Websites are made to share information, give service, advertise, sell products, blogging etc. To build a good website you need many things. Here are the things required to create your own website.....Read More

How Google Search Engine Works

Google is the biggest and the best search engine at present world. Google search engine is a powerful tool. Let us see how Google search Engine works.....Read More

Top 9 Tips for doing Safe Online Transactions

Cashless online transaction is quite famous these days.Before doing any online transaction you must keep few keep things in your mind to do a safe transaction.....Read More

How to Stop Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 don't have any option for disabling its update. Here is the process to stop Windows 10 Update....Read More

How to Boost Your Torrent Downloading Speed

Torrent has always made our download easy.But getting a good speed while downloading via Torrent is a tough job. But following some easy steps will certainly boost your Torrent download speed.....Read More

How to Surf Internet Faster : Boost your Internet speed by 20%

If you are having good internet connection and still you are stuck with slow surfing then must follow some tips and tricks to boost your browsing speed. Must try.....Read More

Some awesome Youtube tricks.Must try these out

Youtube is the largest website for video watching, publishing etc. There are some tricks for Youtube. Just watch these out.....Read More

How to surf anonymously

Surfing anonymously is one of the methods which will hide your real identity from rest of the world.....Read More

Google tricks that are unknown to you

Google is the largest search engine. Try these tricks and enjoy. All these tricks work in Google chrome and Firefox. ....Read More

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