Does Buying YouTube Views Work?

On YouTube, each step you take forward to promote or improve viewership of your channel counts. And at every level, you would encounter with a common question whether you should buy YouTube views or nor?youtube-view

Now, unlike the question, the answer would not be as simple or brief to explain in one line. To understand how it works and will it work for you or not, firstly, you should start knowing about the facts and myths, also learn to differentiate between both, or else you will end up being more confused.

Therefore, to remove your doubts here is a list of advantages and disadvantages one should know about while buying YouTube views. The following are the benefits you can expect:

1. Receives Credibility 
When you have a given number of views, it becomes easier to engage more viewers. They are bound to get more views gradually. And after crossing 1000 views mark, the popularity becomes its own selling point. For instance, if a video has 200 views and the other one has over 10,000 views, which one would get more attention? The answer is obvious and so is the result.

2. Improves Ranking 
Even if you don’t want to give it a credit for being an immediate trigger to improve the views, still you have to consider it relevant in search result algorithm and resultantly would impact the ranking in a better way. Rank of a video decides its viewership improvement as well and for that, you got to increase YouTube views, what can be better than buying views.

3. Sustains Viewership 
To get attention for a video on initially is a tough task to accomplish. But an already sound count of views qualifies you to enter the club of those videos that have been popular due to the recommendations by renowned personalities of that particular industry. With more views, the chances to get noticed by the viewers are more.

4. Quite Logical 
When companies like Google and Facebook ask you to pay for Google AdWords and Facebook AdWords in exchange of getting more YouTube views, it looks and sounds legit to everyone. While on the other hand if one asks you to pay for the same things as a direct result it becomes doubtful and a tricky thing to do and everyone starts introspecting its legitimacy. Ironically, all big companies are promising to improve the number of views.

5. Help Videos Go Viral 
Having a lot of views gradually ensures that more and more people would be viewing it, this eventual uplift of the impression in the audiences’ mind decides its popularity and circulation. And most of the videos go viral due to the fact that it already has got a huge viewership that intrigues a new viewer to lick and witness the same.
Though there are some valid reasons to buy views, which is not the complete picture. You should also know about some hidden facts or side-effects of buying YouTube views.

Here are few drawbacks to take notice of:

1. Risk of Being Penalized 
In case, your channel has been found to use any poor service or a source which is spam for YouTube, you are going to face a threat of being prohibited from the network and mind you there is no time duration for that. Few people have faced this problem due to wrong selection of source, but not all can be tagged as spammer or scammer. Therefore, be careful while you choose one over others.

2. Puts You into Suspicion 
Many would consider your gradual success as not-so-authentic by judging the viewership statistics. Although no one can tell by calculating the exact number of organic or bought views, yet doubts of the audience will keep on horrifying you. However, this technical point can be worked on as there is no exact timeline or record for purchased views.

3. No Real Customer 
Whatever might be the number count of your views but you can’t tell which one of these are actual buyers or in fact whether one of them was even close to being a buyer. This simply means the number of views you have is either bots or paid users, who won’t be interested in buying your product. Hence, your viewership is not going to add a penny in improving your conversion rate.

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