How to Create Your Own Website

There are millions of websites at present world. Websites are made to share information, give service, advertise, sell products, blogging etc. But how these websites are created and designed. You may be thinking of all those codings required to build a website. Well, not necessarily we always need a very good knowledge of coding to build a website. There are many platforms which help to build a professional website without having any coding

Well, we will discuss all those steps by step. If you have knowledge of HTML, CSS, java then you will save much of your money while creating your own website.

So if you have good knowledge of HTML, CSS, Java(to some extent) here are things you require for creating your own website-

1. Domain 
You require a good domain name for your website. There are many websites which sell domain name like godaddyNamecheapHover. Try to get “.com” domain if you want to target your audience from the whole globe.

2. Hosting
You need to find a hosting place to host your website. Remember your hosting company should be reliable, have good customer support, and also should be fast enough. If your budget is high get unlimited hosting space. Here is some list of reputed hosting companies- BluehostDreamhost,Hostgator ,ehost,justhost etc.

After getting all these you need to start building your website. If you know how to build a website then it’s well and good but if you don’t know then you have to rely on a third party platform. There is software like WordPress , JoomlaMediawiki etc which you can use.

If you don’t have any technical knowledge you still can have a professional website. You have to spend some more amount for that. Here are the platforms you can use to build a professional website.

1. WordPress
Well you must have heard about this website. There are two platforms one is free another one is paid. Well, the free will have “.wordpress” associated with your website name. Also, there are limited themes available in free version. The free version is only for personal blogger. If you want a real website you have to use the paid version. There are thousands of website themes available and you can chose any one as per your need.

Another awesome platform for building a website. There are many professional looking themes available here for your website.

Like WordPress, this has also both free and paid version. My suggestion is to try the paid version as because the free version is not very good.

Very good platform and also has many themes. This website has both free and paid version.

Just remember whatever is your website is, your content really matters for your website popularity. So always try to build a good quality and amount of content for your website.

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