Top Hidden Facts about Deep Web

Deep web is that part of the internet which cannot be accessed by general browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. The traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc don’t index the hidden part of the web called Deep web.deep-web

Here are some facts about Deep web which may be surprising but true.

1. Deep web can’t be accessed by traditional web browsers. TOR (The Onion Router) is used to access the hidden web. TOR was developed by non-profit organization and is referred as the TOR project.

2. What you access the internet by Google is just like taking a bucket of water from a lake. As per a study performed by University of California in the year 2001, the size of deep web is 7.5 petabytes. But within two years the size increase to 91,850 petabytes. The deep web as estimated contains 96% of the internet.

3. Deep web is a great source of illegal smuggling of drugs, weapons, human trafficking etc. Many illegal activities like contract killing, cannibalism, child pornography are present in the deep web.

4. Cash or online transactions are not the sources of payment. Every payment is done by Bitcoins. This keeps the user anonymous.

5. Mainly all illegal trades are done by silk route, a part of deep web.

6. Journalists use this as a source of investigation. To hide their identity mainly in countries where internet is censored, many use this to access the internet without being tracked by anyone.

7. If not used properly then it can cost you very high. Suppose if by mistake you click any javascript, malware can be injected to your device without your knowledge. If a keylogger is installed on your device every activity you are doing on the internet can be tracked by any third party.

8. When you use TOR to access the deep web you become completely anonymous if proper methods are followed. Downloading or uploading any document, using torrent, online chatting, giving your personal details etc can compromise your identity.

If your work on the Internet is to just watching videos, social networking, shopping and doing simple searches in Google then you probably don’t need to use TOR or access the Deep web. If you still want not to be tracked use other methods like VPN, firewalls etc.

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