How Google Search Engine Works


Google is the biggest and the best search engine at present world. Life without Google seems impossible. But how this Google works? Although the complete ways how Google works is a secret of the company but many facts are known How Google works.

Let us see how the biggest search Engine works.

Google search engine is a powerful tool. It uses a special algorithm to show search result enriched with keywords you typed. This special algorithm makes Google different from other search engines and makes it so special.

Like every search engine, it has a crawler or spider which crawls on the internet to find a different website. The content of the website are scanned are Google. The crawler adds all the content to crawler next and checks if something has changed from the previous list. This process goes on.

The collected data are fed to a big database. The database is huge containing hundreds of petabytes drives.

Ranking and showing search result
Google ranks all the contents based upon its contents. Unlike many other search engine, Google has stopped using Keywords as a ranking parameter. Google always tries to check the genuineness of the content. Content from a trusted source gets better rank. Also, Google checks the age of the Website and its Content. The website launched a long time ago gets a preference. Based on that keyword enriched results are made. Whenever you search anything Google searches the relevant keywords in its database and displays the result as per its significance and its rank.

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