How to Increase Spotify Followers and Plays in 2018

Earlier when there wasn’t any platform to stream music, the MP3 format was used to listen to music. But after so many websites have started, one of the popular ones is Spotify, where listeners and artists both can access and upload the music, respectively.spotify

To have more numbers of followers and Plays, Spotify allows the artists to promote their work through different features, but you should know their appropriate use. In order to increase Spotify followers, you need to execute the following tips:

1. Introduce yourself to the artist page 
Having a profile page on Spotify gives you the opportunity to come across as a brand and increase Spotify Plays with time. On your artist page, you can add tracks created by you or any other playlist curated of a particular genre. The objective is to allow others to discover you as an artist and give them a detailed account of your experience, work, and music.

2. Manage playlist 
If you are aiming towards including your songs into a playlist by others, then this would not be a dependable plan to take your identity far on the network. It’s essential to keep reminding your audience to add your songs to their collection by hitting ‘+’ mark. This can be done by using social networks like Facebook chats or groups, Twitter or any other. To keep on updating and cross-checking the playlist should be one among the priorities for an artist in order to increase Spotify followers.

3. Monitor development plans 
Please note that Spotify is primarily focused on tracks and not albums and most of the artists forget this theory about Spotify and try to promote albums. On the contrary, if you work to familiarize a track to the listeners, this would take other tracks to the suitable audience or those who are searching for it. Most of the albums are promoted are promoted through advertising, which would work better if applied on single tracks.

4. Improve on monthly listeners 
Once you start to get more and more listeners which each month, this would be a positive sign and a symbol of your progress. According to the metrics, the number of listeners changes on day to day basis and you can even monitor weekly and daily listeners but the listeners or public won’t be able to see it. To improve the number of listeners is more important than improving the number of plays, as there would be more listeners the number of plays will automatically increase.

5. Initiate contests 
Among so many social networks, Facebook is one to be used to make the audience aware of the profile. Its recommended to use Facebook live and interact with your fans and ask them to add your music to their collection in real time. Also, request hem to follow and share your tracks on Spotify and other social networks. Social media channels provide best results as they have the power to take your tracks to your audience.

6. Associate with influencers 
Most of the influencers and media outlets use Spotify as a playlisting tool, your aim should be to make them aware of your music. Try to introduce your music to them so that they can add them as consideration in the playlists. To be added to the Spotify playlist multiplies the reach.

7. Frequent updates 
Those who remain consistent while uploading tracks get more attention and the plays automatically increase, even if you don’t buy Spotify Plays. The users and new listeners are in search of new songs and music and if they get to see new uploads, even Spotify algorithm will support your tracks and rewards the artists with better engagement with the listeners.

9. Buy Spotify followers 
Above all, if you want to stay on the top and develop a fan base to promote your channel, it’s important that you consider buying Spotify followers. This would immediately boost the numbers and ensure the new ones about its popularity, more listeners get added to the list of followers.

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