How to Increase YouTube Views for Free

A YouTuber is concerned about how to increase views on YouTube. And even better if one can get more YouTube Views free of cost, without any

Some of the strategies are common and are very much popular among the users and few are still untouched and still, there are factors that people are aware of, yet have not implemented well. To go beyond those points and in order to help you increase YouTube views, here are some methods to follow:

1. Upload at least per day 
YouTube is such a dynamic network, that each minute someone is posting or searching for a new topic. In such an environment, if you think your twice a week posts are going to get as much attention then maybe you are being too optimistic about it. The fact is that if you want to gain more visibility, you are supposed to increase the frequency of your posts, try to upload once in a day. It also keeps your current subscribers engaged with your channel.

2. Feature special posts on weekends 
On weekends, people are usually in a feel-good-zone, therefore, as a marketer come up with a unique idea that fulfills the need-to-see-something different requirement of the audience. They get to see something they were looking for, it immediately clicks and such connections are more likely to last for long.

3. Prioritize for optimized keywords 
Doing everything right with the wrong use of words is considered to be a blunder in context of online marketing. Here, in this case, till the keywords are not thought-out properly or optimized in a constructive manner, the results would seem to be far-fetched or too much to ask for.

4. Find pattern through your previous videos 
Your already posted videos are a valuable source to collect required analysis about the viewership pattern. It is recommended to keep a notice of the timing the videos are liked the most, the type of audience that took interest is a relevant point to monitor, whether your target audience says the youth viewed or liked your content or not. Try to evaluate these points and find out the pattern through those views as it might help you understand the audiences’ expectations and will increase YouTube views.

5. Share URL on social channels 
If you are an active member of all social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, the good news is that you can utilize these platforms to showcase your video in form of your existing followers, plus your content get a broader audience. Also, staying active and consistent in your posts and sharing them in time leaves a powerful impression on the viewers’ mind. This gets you first preference among so many; a trait of regularity is an effective technique in itself.

6. Annotations are must 
To grab the attention of the audience, making an extra effort always counts. High-quality content on YouTube is appreciated the most, but the point to note is you have to make it countable by adding convincing annotations so that the audience feels connected and relatable to the content shown in the video. Sometimes, even after having a hard-hitting content the video does not get its due, the reason is simple, you have not persuaded or requested the audile to share, like or subscribe it. It’s an important aspect, make sure you do not miss out.

7. Include attractive Thumbnail 
When you are roaming in the market and stop by outside a shop to see a mannequin, Likewise a YouTube video has the caliber to attract the attention of the audience, which can be done by including a visually appealing image as a Thumbnail. It not only grabs more eyeballs but also explains about the video comes to the audience.

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