Top 7 Strategies to Make Your YouTube Channel Even More Popular

If you are a YouTuber and focusing on making your channel even more popular, then you are at a right place. It is certain that you wonder how other YouTube channel become so much popular and gets so many subscribers for their YouTube

If you also want to join the gang of successful YouTubers, following marketing strategies will be leading your way for the same.

1. Collaborate & Succeed 
YouTube channel collaboration can be an effective and successful tool for you to increase the visibility among the viewers as it targets the mass. Such collaboration has been trending these days and a right combination seems to have worked for them. You can firstly, find out about the other vloggers who upload similar kind of content. You can collaborate with such vloggers and make a video. Do not forget to give each other mentions and shout outs as it will motivate your viewers to go to the other’s channel and vice-versa. Appeal your viewers to subscribe to each other’s channel. This way it will increase the visibility for both of your channels.

2. Comment on Other YouTuber’s Channel 
If you have recently started your channel, nobody will notice you at first. Visit other YouTuber’s channel that has similar content as you and start commenting on it. Be clever to comment in such a way that people get directed towards your channel. Even if you are an existing established YouTuber, develop a habit of visiting similar YouTuber’s channel and comment frequently to get an attention from the audience. However, do ensure that you do not spam at all. Remember that the viewers like to get noticed. If you seriously respond to their comments, there are fair chances to generate curiosity in audience that will direct them to your YouTube channel. Interaction has always been proven as one of the most effective strategy in YouTube channel business.
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3. Use SEO Friendly Phrases, Keywords and Tags 
If you want to attract more and more subscribers and views on your YouTube channel, you must ensure to use SEO Friendly phrases, keywords and tags. Use the keywords that you feel that people will search for. Ensure to use the phrases and words that are in sync with the content of your YouTube video. For example, if you are creating a video related to travel vlogs for let us say Rajasthan, then you can use tags such as “Beautiful Places in Udaipur or Places to visit in Jodhpur”. If you are creating a beauty or fashion related vlog, then you can probably use tags such as “Make-Up”, “Beauty”, “Fashion”,

4. Let Your Video Thumbnail Speak 
The title and tags of your videos will help the people search your videos. But, the video thumbnail will make your creativity even flaunt out. Put good, qualitative HD images in your thumbnail that shows the content of your YouTube video. The attractive thumbnail will make the person pause on your video and you will be able to buy more YouTube subscribers & views. If the viewer will find your video interesting enough, he/she will certainly hit the “subscribe” button for your YouTube channel.

5. Make the Most of the “Description Box” 
While posting the video, give some narrative information about that particular video in the given description box. Remember to mention your social media links that will lead your audience to connect with you on such platforms. This will make your audience feel truly “affiliated” with you. Such personal connect will build your own community for your YouTube channel. youtube-channel-popular

6. Schedule “Live Streaming” on Your YouTube Channel 
Your subscribers would certainly like to be in touch with you. The YouTube live stream will boost your overall exposure for sure. Not only that, but this is a great way to attract large amount of views on your YouTube channel. Decide a content on which you would want to conduct the live stream. YouTube gives you an opportunity through live stream to connect “live” with your audience, wherein you can exchange your views and opinions.
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7. Schedule “Meet and Greet” Sessions 
Find out some time for your audience and fans. Schedule some small sessions where you can meet your fans and interact with them. Encourage opinions from your fans and try to accommodate in your upcoming vlogs. Give your fans a chance to meet their favorite YouTuber personally. “The personal touch” always works like a magic wand of the marketing, especially for your young and teenage fans.

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