How Secure is Your Password? Tips to Give a Strong Password


The password is the most important tool which helps only you to access your private data like your email, social networking account, net banking etc. Securing your private account with a good password is utmost important or else any third party can get access to your private data and accounts.

Tips for getting a password of good strength

1. Never include the word ‘password’ in your password. It’s one of the most common passwords used on the internet.

2. Your password should never include any of your personal information like date of birth, your name or address etc because including these can help anyone to guess your password. Don’t use passwords like ‘rick123’. Rather use a professional password like ‘rpfsg4951’.

3. The password strength should not be less than 9 characters. It’s better to have a password of 12-13 characters.

4. Use both capital and small alphabets while giving password. Special characters like #, @, $ etc can be used for increasing the strength of the password.

Here are some example of professional password-

  • aUjksi$93270#
  • Fti$nw4751#

Check your password strength

There are many free online tools where you can check your password strength.

1. Howsecureismypassword– Checks the time to crack a password. If the password is of good strength then time interval will be millions of year.

2. Lastpass– You can check whether your password is weak, medium or strong using this password strength meter.

3. The Password Meter– The strength is shown by providing %. Remember your password strength should be more than 60%.

Remember never write your password anywhere. Even if you write anywhere, keep it at a safe place. Don’t disclose your password to anyone. Be safe and stay secured!

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