Why Youtube Views Freeze at 301 Views

While promoting your Youtube channel, when views and likes start to come in, you expect it to grow continuously without any halt. But YouTube is all set to surprise you with a short delay, which is mostly denoted as 301 phase.youtube-views-freeze

Although this is not a technical fault your channel goes through rather a cross-checking point of YouTube. The network is unsure about the authenticity of your views and requires testing its genuineness. It’s not an all-time process for each channel but when Google doubts the legitimacy of Youtube views, it prefers to check it manually.

YouTube views actually work as currency in improving the reach of your YouTube channel, therefore Google tries to be protective towards the exploitation of views, like a sudden inflation of views by using bots. In such case, Google might take some action to eliminate this major error. This phenomenon is absolutely unwanted as per the terms and conditions of Google. If Google finds out that such views are included in the total number of views, it doesn’t want them to be added, which is why you notice the views stuck at 301. Another reason behind this number specifically is that YouTube finds the video at multiple locations in order to reduce loading time. It’s not easy to gather all the information at one place from various locations, to count views from different servers and tally them all carefully Google collects all the data.

In most of the cases, the views are blown out of proportion over a petty issue to make it big. The objective of Google is not to stop the growth of YouTubers, but all it wants is to make sure that the views are legit and are not inflated artificially by the promoters. Google has randomly picked this number 301 as a dividing line to take the verifying process forward, partly the programmers are responsible as well.

An automated system of YouTube is not interested in the number count that is below 300. But the time when it reaches 300 and touches 301, it stuck there till the facts are not verified by Google. Now, this case is not applicable on one video, many videos wait for this confirmation, it may take few days or weeks as there are so many videos uploaded on a daily basis and to count legit views it takes time.

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Many YouTubers complaint about the complexity this system brings with it, but the fact is that it helps in monitoring the spam activities. And due to this, those who thought this won’t work in improving the quality of views are proven wrong. It has helped in reducing the YouTube spam.

Initially, servers track users of nearby locations to check the genuineness of the YouTube views. And by analyzing the reports collected from servers all over, YouTube engineers can depict the doubtful patterns in the growth of views count. There is still a debate on why 301 was chosen as a suspicion call by YouTube, the credit goes to the YouTube’s programmer. As per this code, the database is counted uphill 300, and the time it reaches 301, the number freezes immediately. Those who created this code didn’t know the intensity of it as it is keeping spam from YouTube.

For those who are looking for a solution when the count stuck at 300, all you need to do is to wait for the confirmation from YouTube as it’s a temporary delay till the time YouTube cross-check the authenticity of views count and later on allows the view count to grow by removing the (301) frozen effect.

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