Books Still They are Important?

Books are they ever-changing? Are they constant? Are they our best friend? The only answer to these questions is “YES”, books are constant that is ever changing and still our best friend. Have you ever heard anyone saying that oh no! my best friend xyz book cheated on me?books-still-important

I can bet, nobody has ever made such comment and the reason being this that books are our only best friend in this fake world regardless of our status, personality etc.

IN this 21st century we know that computer and technology have reached a high point and has an influential approach to our lives. But nobody can even imagine all these things without OUR BOOKS. NO, books are the main basis for anything and everything. It gives us a myriad of perspective on the human conditions. Books give us the best of both worlds.

Have you heard this idiom? “IF YOU OPEN A BOOK, YOU OPEN A WHOLE NEW WORLD IN YOURSELF”. I believe that everyone should agree upon this fact because books still play an important and inevitable role in our lives.

For the majority of people, reading is the best hobby. Books are a complete power pack for all those who are in search of their path and who are willing to live their life without fear and with love.

Have you ever thought, what would have happened if authors, writers, intellectuals never documented their stories their researches? Today we have the knowledge of our past ancestors, centuries, culture. Is this possible without the books? No, NEVER.

On 23rd of April, we celebrate THE WORLD BOOK DAY. A book helps us in communicating in a well-sophisticated manner, it teaches us the basic rules of mankind “the more you read, the better- read you are”. In simple words, it means that the more you read books the more you will be able to expose yourself to the world, you will observe positive changes in your attitude, your behavior, your opinion.

Here are some facts, why we should read more books and why they are still an important part of our lives : –

1. stress reliever – if a person feeling tensed or frustrated then for them the best thing to do is to have a look at one of his or her book so that they can change their mood and it also works as a stress reliever.

2. memory promoter – perusing consistently, is a decent propensity perusing essential data is likewise great as it will dependably help you in expanding your memory speed and goes about as a sponsor.

3. vocabulary enhancer – reading books continuously and in a habit of searching for something new in them will also lead you to learn new words which in turn will turn out to be an effective thing.

4. Emotional, mental, social advancement – dependably helps in creating social mental and passionate stamina.

5. creativity enhancer – helps you in developing creativity.

6. overcome boredom – getting bored? the best way is to read books this will take you away from boredom and will also increase your knowledge.

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