How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most irritating insects in the bedroom. They hide inside the most secretive places of beds and suck our blood whenever we sleep. Along with inflammation and pain, they are also a carrier of many other diseases.bed-bug

The best way to control bed bugs is hiring any professional which is working for it. But it can be very expensive and most of the people can’t hire such companies. If you want to attempt this operation yourself there are some instructions and tips which will help you to get rid of bed bugs successfully. Only pesticides will not be able to control them completely, they are moderately effective and bed bugs reproduce very quickly. Most of these insects hide in cracks, crevices of the bed, under carpets and in walls. It is also important to use insecticides with care for safety reasons. You should start the treatment by preparing the room for applications of pesticides.

1. Preparing room 
Remove the items which you don’t want, like clothes, bags, and linens. You should also remove any utensils and eatables from the room. Perform the activity carefully or you may transfer bugs from one room to another with clothes and linens. Wash the linens and clothes in the household dryer on high heat. High heat kills the insects.

2. Treat cracks, crevices, voids, fabric seams and folds thoroughly 
There are different products for killing pests in different places of the room. Use variety of methods for this purpose as only one method or product is not enough for the complete elimination of bed bugs; they may get resistant to any specific insecticides. There may be also some areas where you did not think the presence of these insects. Using different products will kill most of them.

3. Use concentrated insecticide which is specifically made for bed bugs 
Use concentrated bed bugs spray as recommended on the label of the product. Apply it to baseboards, door frames, window frames and under furniture. Inspect all the smaller areas and cervices where insects may be present like wheels, casters, posts, and legs of furniture apply the solutions on lamps, door frames, and window frames too. Allow such areas to dry before moving on.

4. It is time for aerosol spray 
Dry the places after using concentrated insecticide. After this, use aerosol insecticides in very fine cracks and crevices, which usually presents in furniture. Pay attention to cushions, seams folds, baseboards, all over the bed and pictures and wall hangings.

5. Use bed bug dust 
Bug dust lasts for longer hence are a better choice for less accessible places. Bug dust should be applied once in several months. Bed bug dust should be applied in electrical faceplates, baseboards, headboard, drawers, and furniture. You should apply them in the corners of the furniture and rooms. After applying them in open areas, clean the dust or it will make the room messy.

6. Clean all the clothes, bed sheets, wallpaper, etc. 
Wash all the clothes, linens and bedding items before taking them into the room. Heat cleaning them will kill bed bugs inside the clothes so there will be no chance of infestation. Objects which can’t be cleaned should be put into a bag for more than 28 days.

7. Repeat the process 
Even after so much pesticides, all the bed bugs may not be killed, some of them may survive or we may have left any corner of the furniture or room. For guaranteed 100% solution of bed bugs, you should repeat this whole process two or three times. Repeated treatments will kill them completely for sure.

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