World War 3: The End of Humanity

World war – what is it? Mother Earth has already seen two world wars in last century and suffered a lot with the lives, nature, and economy. World war 3 is the hypothetical name given to war in which two or more continents will fight with each other with the most hazardous face of their military, science, industry and

The world nowadays is full of local conflicts of nations, cold wars, terrorism, and people die in great numbers on daily basis due to these and they are the stairs which will end up in the war later on.The first world war was said to ` war to end all wars ` but it was succeeded by world war 2, which was the deadliest conflict on this planet. Uses of atomic power take place which altered the DNAs of Japanese states. War is never a solution for problems it only results in worsening of lifestyle, fundamentality and most of the countries know it, having intentions for a war is nothing more than stupidity. Countries are having weapons which can destroy this whole planet in no time. Albert Einstein said in an interview “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

So, the idea is same the first world war was fought on the grounds with guns, with men power, the second was fought more with weapons but they were not advanced as of now, more than 71 years have been passed, new technologies have the very ugly face of destruction. According to an idea, all-powerful countries have atomic bombs, atomic missiles, so if one starts the bombarding the other will not keep quite they react to it and then that blast will occur which can remove the earth from its orbital path resulting in the death of the planet.

In summer of 2016, we already saw a scene in which Russian army is fighting with Syrian terrorists, a lot of Syrian people died, cities were turned into sands only tanks and people with guns in their hands are moving there, civilians have nothing to eat, to drink. In refugee camps conditions are worse than a burial ground, wounded people, crying babies and no one to look for.

Right now everybody is connected to the internet and social sites, once these wars will start they will first target on the internet system to breaking the backbone of information fetching. We will be put off from the comfortable life we are living now, once again we can fell, smell, live in the hell, what the people from Hiroshima and Nagasaki had felt 70 years ago, we just need to put on the trigger for this fight but I think it’s better to use the new technologies for more civilized living rather than becoming people of stone age. If you have powers use it for good and not to make someone cry.

Greater power comes with greater responsibility, God gives so that you can help, we can win hearts, the land is not necessary.

With a hope that our children will not read a chapter in their history textbook as `World war 3′ ……

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