Actions You Can Take to Reduce Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of growing problems for most of big cities, now air is more contaminated than ever been before. Particles which create pollution are called as pollutants which are hazardous for our health and reason of lung cancers, heart failure and a lot of other heart and respiratory diseases.air-pollution

Average human exhales and inhales seven to eight liters of air per minute. The air now in big cities is as much polluted as it decreases life expectancy by two to three years. High air pollution is common problem throughout the word and we need to get rid of this. Some of the major cities have already taken steps to minimize it, as New York; their public transport is relatively inexpensive and spread all over the city. Let’s take some action to control air pollution at our individual level:

1. Decreasing our transportation
It is best and most effective method for decreasing air pollution. Carpooling with your neighbors or coworkers decrease the fuel usage. Going to the grocery store walking or once in a while. Getting more familiar with the public transports decreases your bills and it is safer than driving yourself. It is great method to have part in reducing air pollution as well as you get some extra time to read or observe people. Enjoying a bicycle ride is healthier and safer way than car riding. Decrease your frequency of car driving and keep your car in good condition, it is more efficient and produces less pollution.

2. Increase the use of environmentally safe things
Decreasing the use of plastics, pesticides; bad quality paints also have positive impact on air pollution. Go for local markets and choose products which are less packed. Use the packets many times, and recycle your waste products will bring change in saving money and environment. Be an intelligent and smart buyer.

3. Save energy
Producing electricity and other energy sources also have negative impact on our environment. The best way of producing energy is saving it. Conserve energy as much as you can. Using LED instead of bulbs and use them only in place where they needed. Have big windows room to enjoy natural light and air. Use good quality electric appliances. Air conditioners and heaters consume a lot of electricity, it is better to allow your body acclimates for the seasons than using these high electricity consuming gadgets, they are not a healthy way of living too.

4. Be aware and involve others for change
Start telling other people about it and lead them to changes. Make them aware of its consequences and start programs and events like planting trees, producing fewer wastes, recycling etc. Join communities and groups which fight against air pollution. Learn more about the ways to reduce it and the policies of governments which can bring down the pollution which is caused by industries and factories.

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