Eco-Friendly Technology and Products

The application of science is technology and the main aim of technology is to improve our life quality, productivity, and development. From the history till today technology play one of the most vital roles in human civilization. Through the application of science and technology, the human community has been accelerated from the barbaric stage into a civilized, culture and comfort.ecofriendly

But with the advancement of industrial revolutions, we increase the productivity and development but it also increases the environmental pollutions, disturbs the balance of our ecosystem, and give birth to too many harmful diseases. The rapid advancement in technology results in fast depletion of resources, and in the last few decayed the rate of industrial pollution has increased. Now it’s the high time for everyone to be responsible for our mother nature. We can’t stop the development but we need to stop the pollution. After the long efforts engineers able to introduce the new concept of technology called eco- friendly technology.

The main aims of eco- friendly technology are to improve the production and efficiency and reduction of the environmental pollution. In the recent century, many major companies are giving the effort in the reduction of the environmental pollution. The recycling of the waste products, reusing the old parts of machinery in development of new machinery, using special kinds of materials which can be easily recycled, development of new organic polymers which are used in construction of machinery and many electronic devices. Many electronic companies introduce the exchange offers, they sell new products by exchanging the old products and this procedure help to reduce a huge resource wastage and obviously efficient in protecting our environment. Eco- friendly technology also uses the renewable sources of energy like solar, wind energy, geo- thermal and bio- mass energy which is equally efficient and pollution free. This results in conservation of many other natural resources for our future use.

Eco – friendly products are those products that don’t harm environment whether in their production, use and also after disposal. These products are energy efficient; minimize carbon footprint and greenhouse gas production. These products are biodegradable and recyclable hence they don’t harm the environment, don’t disturb the ecological balance when these products are disposed of. The manufacture of eco- friendly products also utilizes many recycle materials which help in the growth of new industries, recycling industries. There are a wide variety of eco-friendly products which include our household products, electronic gadgets, clothing, paper materials and a wide variety of products.

Development can’t stop but we also have the responsibility toward our environment, human development shouldn’t affect our mother nature. This is not only the responsibility of big companies and government, each one of us has our own responsibility toward our environment.

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