Food Chain vs. Food Web: “Who Eats Who?”

Do you play? or sit silently in a room? If the answer is YES, you play then you must be a food lover. Right? And for that you need energy and from where does energy comes

Thinking? wait let me tell you, it comes from the food you eat. every time you play, you run, you talk you need energy and you get energy by eating. Similarly, all living things get energy from their food which they get from different sources to grow and move.

Few things about ecosystem:

  • All things in an ecosystem are abiotic or biotic.
  • Biotic factors are grouped by what each organism eats.
  • All of the energy in ecosystem starts with the sun.
  • Producers use the sun to get energy and make their food through a process called photosynthesis.
  • consumers have to eat producers to get their energy

Food chain – a food chain shows one path of how energy moves through an ecosystem. (Who -eats- who?)

EXAMPLES of food chain include:

  • The sun provides food for grass.
  • the grass is eaten by grasshopper
  • then the grasshopper is eaten by a frog
  • now the frog is also eaten by a snake
  • And the snake is also eaten by a tiger.

In food chain, each organism occupies a different tropic level.

Components of a food chain:

  • Primary producers – they lie at the base of the food chain which is “autotrophy” such as plants, algae etc.
  • Primary consumers – they are the organisms who eat primary producers, herbivores, plant eaters etc.
  • Secondary consumers – they are the organisms who eat primary consumers. ” carnivores “
  • Tertiary consumers – are the ones who eat secondary consumers . “Carnivore eating carnivores”. Eagle etc.
  • Apex organisms are at the very top of food chain.

All the above categories listed above presents a different trophic level and reflect the different transfer of energy and nutrients.

Food web – a food web shows many paths of hoe energy moves through an ecosystem (who eats who ). A food web is made up of many different food chains.

In food web all remains connected like a spider’s web, if one part is removed, it can affect the whole web.

FOOD WEB shows how plants and animals are connected in many ways to help them all survive. Food web consists of many interrelated food chains.

Food web gives us a clear picture of who eats whom. However, there can be some problem in explaining and describing the whole ecological process and communities.

And to have a clear picture of this whole ecological balance in our mind, we can use food web, a graph that states all the factors and relationship.

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