What are Natural Resources?

Natural resources are the resources which we get from either earth or atmosphere and which are not developed by human beings but are obtained from nature.natural-resources

They occur naturally within environments. Natural resource is often characterized by amounts of biodiversity and diversity existent in various ecosystems. Any material which is part of earth and satisfy human need and also add value to it is called resource. Example : rocks, minerals, soil, rivers  plants animals etc.

Human cal also be considered as a resource as he can also develop his skills, and other resources by adding values to the physical material. They have different values.

Economic Value – Production of things from natural resources

Legal Value – Clean air, fresh water, healthy animals and human beings

Aesthetic Value –¬† Beauty of village, roads, ponds and their agricultural fields.

Natural resources can be of different types.

  • Biotic – They include resources which are purely living in nature, example forests, animals etc.
  • Abiotic – Resources which are non- living in nature. Example air, water etc.
  • Other renewable – Resources which can be replenished easily, example sunlight etc.
  • Ubiquitous – Resources which are found everywhere. air, water etc.
  • Localized – Resources that are found in certain places.

Major problems with natural resources conservation are that, low awareness for their conservation. Exploitation of living natural resources for economic gain. Value and knowledge about the species and ecosystem inadequately known. Unplanned urbanization industrialization.

There are also major natural resource threats:-

  • Habitat destruction
  • Extension of agriculture
  • Filling up of wetland
  • Convention of rich biodiversity site for human settlement and industrial development.
  • Uncontrolled commercial exploitation.

Uses of natural resources:-

  • Air – Required for all living things for breathing, also used to produce wind energy.
  • Animals/plants – Provide food, shelter, cloth, medicine etc, used as a mode of transport also. Animals dung can be used as fuel/ fertilizer.
  • Fossil fuels – used in producing energy. Majority of vehicles require fossil fuels to operate.
  • Soil – used as the primary nutrient source for plants. It is the habitat of many organisms.
  • Wood – Used as construction material. Used to make utensils, furniture, and sporting equipment.
  • Metals – Used to create things ranging from heavy machinery to a small nail. Used as jewelry, used to reinforce building materials.
  • Water – Used in households, agriculture, and

Forest is an area with a lot of trees, diversity, and fauna. There are forests all over the world. There are tropical rain forests, coniferous forests, and deciduous forests. They occur naturally, but they can be affected positively and negatively by human behavior. Forests serve as home to many of the organisms that live in this land. They are also very important because they are major contributors to recycling and cleaning the world supply of oxygen, they also supply wood, fruits etc.

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