9 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is an ultimate mood lifter, romance inducer, source of consolation when life has let you down. But is it healthy to eat chocolates? Yes, it’s good to eat dark chocolate inadequate amount. Dark chocolate is now ranked among the “super foods” because of its amazing health benefits. Here are the reasons why should start eating dark chocolate-dark-chocolate

1. Protect the skin from the UV rays 
Chocolate is rich in flavonols, is an antioxidant which protects the skin against sun damage. It also helps to maintain smoother skin and hydrated. Cocoa boosts blood circulation in the top layers of skin and protects it from sun burns.

2. Good for heart and circulation 
Cocoa is highly rich in healthy saturated fat that is converted into high – density lipoprotein which is good for your heart. The anti-inflammatory compound in cocoa helps to restore the flexibility of the arteries and keep platelets from sticking together and clogging up arteries wall which leads to heart diseases.

3. Helps you to lose weight 
Adding bit of dark chocolate in your dessert can help you to lose weight. It reduces your calories intake. Chocolates before meal trigger the hormone which gives the filling of fullness, you eat less and eating chocolate after meal reduces craving for future dessert or the snacks.

4. Prevents type 2 diabetes 
Cocoa in dark chocolate enhances sensitivity to insulin and helps to lower the blood glucose level. So it not only lower risk for type 2 diabetes but also manage type 2 diabetes if you are suffering from it.

5. Healthier teeth 
Cocoa beans contain a certain antibacterial compound that prevents the formation of plaques. It is also known to harden tooth enamels and prevent it from warding off cavities.

6. Improves brain function 
Studies show that dark chocolate increases blood flow to the brain, decrease inflammation and improves your ability to focus.

7. Rich source of antioxidant 
Dark chocolate is rich in organic compounds like flavonols, polyphenols which act as antioxidants. It is said that it contain more antioxidants than other fruits like blueberries, cranberries and acai berries.

8. Improves your mood 
Dark chocolate contains serotonin which acts as an antidepressant and it also stimulates the production of endorphins in the brain which bring the feeling of pleasure and happiness.

9. Dark chocolate contains high amount of zinc, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, iron and many more. Chose the chocolate wisely, look at the ingredients like 70% or higher cocoa content.

Enjoy the moderate amount of chocolate and add other flavonoid-rich foods like apple, tea, cranberries, and onions.

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