10 Health Benefits of Eating Curd

Curd is a yummy white dairy product which is obtained by coagulating milk. Coagulation can be done by any edible acidic substance like lemon juice, vinegar or curd itself.curd

Lactobacillus bacteria form the curd by converting milk lactose into lactic acid. Curd is one of the world`s healthiest food as it has many beneficial vitamins and proteins in abundant amount. In this article we are going to focus on health benefits of the curd:

1. It is one of best sources of calcium
Curd strengthens our bones and teeth. Eating curd will keep you away from diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, and diseases related to teeth. It promotes the bone growth as it has a high amount of phosphorus and calcium.

2. Curd strengthens our immune system
Eating curd will result in increasing amount of good bacteria which helps in fighting against bad microorganisms. It provides preventions against vaginal infections.

3. It improves our digestive system 
Curd is easy nutrition provider to our digestive system. It improves our digestive system by helping in absorbing nutrition from other food items. Curd is found to prevent peptic ulcers also. Some people who are intolerable to milk can consume curd because curd provides lactic acid while people normally are intolerable to lactose which is present in milk.

4. It can be used as beauty product
Curd has zinc; vitamin E and phosphorus which makes curd a natural beauty enhancer. Massaging with curd acts as bleach and provides softness for the face skin.

5. Curd helps you for lose weight
Curd prevents cortisol formation in the body due to the presence of calcium in it. Calcium reduces the belly fat as it allows fats cells to produce less amount of cortisol. High amount of cortisol results in obesity and hypertension. It also keeps our stomach full for long time due to which we take fewer snacks after it. It is very low in calorie with fat burning properties.

6. Curd is useful in anti-aging treatment 
Curd removes wrinkles from the face. A mixture of lemon juice and curd makes face shiny, healthy and wrinkle free. It also enhances the healing process for sunburnt skins.

7. Useful for men
It enhances men sexual power and prevents sexual inadequacy or sexual impotency by enhancing the quality of sperm and sperm count. It prevents from age-related weight gain of men.

8. Curd is very useful for our hair
Curd acts as a conditioner for hair; it gives soft and silky hair if applied for 30 minutes. Prevents hair loss and make them shining. It also nourishes our hair scalp and prevents dandruff.

9. Eating curd gives healthy heart 
It prevents cholesterol formation in arteries thus prevents from hypertension and high blood pressure. Persons with coronary heart diseases should take curd in their daily diet.

10. Curd helps during stress and anxiety 
It lowers the levels of activity in the part of the brain which is linked to the emotion and pain behavior of the human. Eating curd regularly keeps your body and brain cool.

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