8 Health Benefits of Drinking Milk

Most of us have been hated milk in our childhood; we had made a lot of excuses whenever moms come with a glass of milk.drink-milk

But milk has most of the necessary nutrients our body will ever need, a glass of milk is very near to a healthy meal. The most important benefits which milk can give us are:

1. Healthy bones 
Our bones are made up of calcium and milk is a rich source of calcium. Insufficient consumption of milk can lead to weak and light bones. Milk also promotes bone growth during childhood that`s why milk was one of the key component of our childhood meal and our mom`s milk was the first thing we had taken in our stomachs. Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium in bones; drinking milk with vitamin D ensures healthy and strong bones.

2. Fairy skin 
Milk is rich in vitamins and minerals which are good for our skin. Drinking two glasses of milk daily makes our skin glow, smooth and soft. Milk also cleans our internal system which helps in clearing pots and pores from our face. You can also use a bath of milk for clear skin as the beauty queen Cleopatra does.

3. Strong teeth 
As bones our teeth are also made up of calcium and regular intake of milk make them strong too but once again vitamin D is needed for absorption of calcium in our teeth. Milk also protects our teeth`s enamel surface against acidic substances and provides protection against weak gums.

4. Fight against disease 
Milk boosts our immune system. Milk is very helpful for the patients of high blood pressure and heart related diseases. Milk helps in prevention of migraines and cancer. It is helpful in minimizing the amount of cholesterol inside our vessels. Milk helps women during their menstrual cycle.

5. Relieve stress 
Having a glass of milk after a working day can help to relieve stress as it contains vitamins and minerals which smoothens the tensed muscles and nerve tensions. Milk revitalizes our body after a stressful situation in no time and acts as an energy booster.

6. Rehydration of body 
Milk contains enough amount of water in it. Staying hydrated is very necessary if you are doing something heavy. So, instead of drinking carbonated water during work you can drink packed and flavored milk.

7. Weight loss
Milk triggers the weight loss speed in fat persons. People who consume milk regularly lose weight at faster pace than the people who don`t. A glass of milk contains low calories than any other snack or appetizer. Drinking milk is one of wise choice if you are trying to lose your weight.

8. Muscle growth
Milk contains a high amount of protein which ensures muscle growth. Each glass of milk contains approximately 8 gm of proteins. Milk is healthier choice for them who want to grow their muscles and people who are working out.

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