How Listing to Music is Beneficial for Mental and Physical Health


Music is an amazing thing and listening to music is always good. It is a medicine and pleasure for our body. Music and brain have a strange yet beautiful relationship with each other, with music affecting the brain in a different way. Music has several health benefits, so let’s have a look that how music can be so wonderful to you and your health-

1. Music reduces stress 
Listening to slow classical music or just instrumental music can keep you calm and stress free. Music promotes relaxation of tensed muscles and your brain releases different hormones like dopamine to regulate stress.

2. Helps with exercising 
Music serves as a motivation during exercise. Music makes exercise more recreation and less like work. It helps to work harder and can make time pass quickly.

3. Music helps in sleeping 
Listening to slow classical music is an easy way to treat insomnia. Listening music for 45 minutes before sleeping gives you a restful night.

4. Music improves memory performance 
Great music strengthens learning and memory. Researcher discovered that music can help you to recall and learn the information better. For improving memory performance it’s important that music doesn’t have vocals.

5. Music increases productivity 
The tiresome job becomes less boring when you have music playing in the background and you become more productive. Upbeat and soothing music can help to concentrate more.

6. Music reduces pain 
Researchers have found out that music therapy and pre-recorded music reduces pain more than standard treatment in cancer patients, during childbirth. The selection of songs should be from classical music, meditative music or of patient’s choice.

7. Music relieve depression 
If you feeling depressed or low than music is the perfect cure. Choice of the music should good because listening to sad songs in depressed situation can make you feel lower, so listen to upbeats and powerful music.

8. Music helps to eat less and hence helps in weight loss
It is suggested to eat in dimmed light and slow music because it makes you eat less and slowly.

And of course, music makes you happy and motivates you. Keep listening music and enjoy.

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