How Green Tea Increases the Fat Burning Process

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages in this present world. It is called so because it has many positive effects on our health. If we search the list of the things that help to burn fat, we will definitely find green tea as one of

Green tea contains many special elements those help to boost the metabolism rate, it enhance the fat burning processes. The effectiveness of green tea is different in different people, in some people the fat burning process is more than other.

Some recent scientific studies done on human shows that green tea increases the energy expenditure, it helps to increases 4 to 6 percentage more energy than the normal energy expenditure as a result it enhance the burning of stored fats.

Another study shows that green tea increase the oxidation of fat by 17%, exercise helps to burn fat but when exercise is combined with green tea then the fat burning reactions increases.

Green tea also contains caffeine which also make us energetic and it also burn fat from which we get extra energy, so it also act as an energy drink. A scientific study shows that on an average drinking green tea increases the physical performance by 10 to 15%.

Many studies also found that on some people green tea doesn’t have any effect. It depends on the genetic makeup of a person. Overall the green tea has the positive effect on our health in various ways. Experts suggest that drinking 5 to 6 cups of green tea in a day will helps to lose weight.

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