5 Best Ways to Drink More Water Every Day

Most of us know that drinking adequate amount of water have lot of benefits but we fail at the point that how we can consume more water. Water which is present everywhere is a way to make us cheerful and give beauty to our brain and body. When our input of water is not as much as output we become dehydrated which can give rise to various serious health problems. The best way to check is to check color of our urine.drinking-water

Light yellow urine is sign of a hydrated person while darkening of urine means we need to take more water inside our body. Water is needed by our body for proper function of brain, lubricate our joints, regulate our body temperature, perspiration, bowel movement, and remove waste from our body. A man should drink 3-3.5 liters of water every day while a woman should drink 2.5 liters of water every day. However, if you are not drinking as much recommended, here are some ways which will help you to drink more water than you were drinking earlier.

1. Make it in your routine
We all have some routine to say good morning, good afternoon; lunch dinner, etc. Make water a part of your routine. Make your habit of drinking before anything like after the bath or before you are going to sleep. Always drink water before taking any meal. It is a great idea to add two-three glasses of water every day.

2. Get an attractive water bottle
Attractive things always attract us so do the water bottle. If you have an attractive piece of water bottle you will see it more often which means you are going to be thirstier than you ever were. Always carry your bottle with you. You can put timings and goals of your drinking water on your bottle and can set your goals higher with time till the saturation point come.

3. Play games with water
Here playing games doesn’t mean wasting water by splashing or anything like this here it means increasing amount of water you are in taking, rewarding yourself when you get your goals. Competition is always a fun. Playing games like this will gradually make you champion in drinking water, who knows if you win world championship someday.

4. Give flavors to your water
There are a lot of flavors in the market which you can add to your water to give it a taste. You can add lemon, cucumber, ginger, glucose and a lot of herbs with little salt or without it. You will get a refreshing and cheap drink at home. Adding some ice cubes is also a nice idea.

5. Watery fruits
There are a lot of fruits in the market which are full of water. Fruits like melons, watermelons, oranges are made up of water more than 80-90% and are good sources of other vitamins and antioxidants which keep us healthy. Keep your favorite fruits with you.

Drinking a lot of water surely have some positive effect on your body, every sip of water have some gifts for you.

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