Must Eat Fish: What Makes Fish an Essential Food Item

Fishes are the great source of nutrients. The new research done by health experts show that fish contain many vital and rare essential elements which are important for our physiological system and help to fight against many pathological disorders. fishFish contain less amount of carbohydrate but very rich in proteins and the most important element that is found are polyunsaturated essential omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil). Human body can’t synthesis omega – 3 fatty acids so we need to take it from external sources and the best source of it is fishes. Omega – 3 fatty acid is very essential element for cardiovascular system and for skin also. In case if you don’t like fish then health experts suggest eating fish for twice a week can also be enough to collect the beneficial elements from fishes. Here we are going to discuss the importance of fish as a nutrient, how eating fish can improve our health quality.

Healthy heart 
Modern researchers found that people who eat fish twice a week are 50 % less prone to cardiovascular diseases than those who generally don’t eat fishes at all. Fish oil contains many essential fatty acids which are very essential for healthy heart. The modern research found that women who eat fishes on regular interval or on daily basic found to have better health in all aspect than who don’t eat.

Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk
Eating fishes once or twice a week help to preserve the grey matter in the brain cortex which is responsible for memory, learning and other vital neurological interactions. Fish contains many essential fatty acids which are essential for brain development and functioning. Health expert prescribe children to eat fish for the proper neurological developments and for reducing the risk for Alzheimer in future.

Improve Skin and Hair
Dermatologist found that omega – 3 fatty acid which is found in the fish oil is very essential for maintaining the proper skin elasticity and turgidity. This fatty acid is also responsible for hairs growth and maintaining the quality of hairs and also prevent hair fall. Omega – 3 fatty acid now a day’s is used as a supplement by dermatologist.

Reduce depression 
Modern researchers found that the anti – depression drugs are less effective than omega – 3 fatty acid in case of treatment of depression. New scientific studies found that people who eat fish on twice a week suffer less from depression that who doesn’t.

Brain development 
There are several essential proteins and fatty acids which are found in fish, very important for the neurons development in brain cortex during the childhood. The fish oil prevents the degeneration of brain cells and as a result prevents different kinds of neurological disorders.

Sexual health 
Modern scientific study done by health experts shows that male who eat fish in their diet have better sex life, have good quality of sperms, and at an average more sexually attractive.

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