How to Digest Food Faster

Slow digestion makes us feel bloated and lethargic. Slow digestion is also a reason for gaining weight. It is essential part of our metabolism and none of us want to feel pain or burn in our stomach which we feel after having a heavy meal due to indigestion.digestion

These bad feelings can be prevented by taking some simple steps during and after our meal. These habits will also lead you to have a healthy life. Make these changes in your food habits and you will no more experience indigestion:

1. Eat Foods which Contain Probiotics
Probiotics are the bacteria which are beneficial for us like lactobacillus. These bacteria enhance the digestion process. Foods such as curd, kefir, and buttermilk contain adequate amount of probiotics. Probiotics are the common residents of our digestive tract.

2. Get Plenty of Fibers
Add high fiber foods into your diet gradually. Eat high fiber food along with high amount of water.

3. Eat slowly
Eating slowly will mix your food thoroughly with saliva and breakdown of food will be faster. Our digestive system is designed for digesting food into smaller parts. Don’t swallow your food. Every time you slow your speed digestive system trap down the food fast.

4. Always Eat your Breakfast
Breakfast is warming up for our digestive system. It boosts our metabolism rate. You can take probiotics in your breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of our day, a good and healthy breakfast will give you an energetic day.

5. Drink lot of Water before and During Meal
Drinking warm water will boost your digestion rate. Warm or room temperature water, juice or tea will enhance proper digestion.

6. Be Conscious of Quality and Quantity
Overconsumption is number one cause of indigestion and it slows down our rate of digestion and metabolism. We always regret when we eat too much. Don`t eat food which is high in fats and carbohydrates. They are hard to break down and give feeling bloating.

7. Relax and Wear Comfortable Dress during Eating
Wearing tight clothes compress stomach and make heartburn. Rushed eating increases our stress and slow our digestion process.

8. Sit Properly and Eat at Proper time
Don’t give pressure on your abdomen. You should sit straight and chin tucked in during eating, it will allow more room for digestive organs and proper digestion. Eating at disturbed timing can cause various stomach related problems like acidity and stomachache.

9. Take Dinner Earlier
We should finish our dinner three hours before going to bed. Eating early gives smooth digestion and good sleep. If we put food inside late at night food will not get enough amounts of digestive enzymes and often disturb our sleep.

10. Chew Chewing GumĀ 
Chewing gum enhance our digestion. Instead of sleeping we should take walk in park for proper digestion with chewing gum in mouth.

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