Steps to Reduce Belly Fat and Get Flat Belly

Getting flat belly is dream of many youngsters nowadays. Everybody wants to look great, guys love to have abs while girls try for swimsuit body. Looking yourself in the mirror and realizing that you are fat and sedentary or worse when doctor tell you that you should do something about your weight.flat-belly

You wanted to evolve yourself into a slim, vibrant person who has non-stop energy. It is a badge of honor for male and female both. It is a sign that you value your body. Getting a flat belly needs efforts like focused workout routine and a strict diet plan. So there are two ways to get a flat belly and both have to work properly for completing this mission. Here are some tips to get flat belly.


  1. Cut down sugar from your food – Sugar is very high in carbohydrates. Sugars are composed of half glucose and half fructose. Out of which fructose is metabolized only in the liver and most of it turns into fats. Sugar doesn’t contain any vitamins or minerals and it also causes resistance to insulin which drives glucose from the bloodstream into cells.
  2. Reduce your meal amount – Amount of food is very necessary for getting flat belly, gradually decrease size of your meal. Chew slowly and thoroughly, chewing well will promote digestion of your food. Take breaks during you eat and drink lot of water. A nice trick to decrease your size of meal is using small plate and taking less food at one time.
  3. Eat healthy foods – Healthy foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat etc. Decrease your intake of junk foods as most of them contain a lot of carbohydrates and calories. Try to replace your junk foods with fruits. Eat beans, nuts, lean meats, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, etc. and try to lower your sodium intake.
  4. Drink lot of water – Water has no calories in it but it has volume which will make you feel full. Always carry water with yourself. You can also make it flavored with lemons, mint, etc. Water increases your body metabolism and helps in excretion of toxic substances from the body.
  5. Avoid alcohol – Alcohols are full of calories and it increases the estrogen in our body which causes the body to retain weight. It promotes our appetite. Wine and beer are the reasons known for bloated stomach.


  1. Run – Run for 10-15 minutes, it is a full body exercise and it reduce fat all over the body, it makes your heart rate high and your metabolism faster. Run 3 days every week and you can feel that you are losing your belly fat from the very first week.
  2. Plank – Plank is really a good exercise for all your body, it engages your abs muscles, foot muscles. Do it for 5-6 minutes 3 times a week and it will strengthen your body.
  3. Do aerobics – Do cardio exercises for getting abs muscles visible. Cardio exercises heat up our body temperature and improve our blood circulation. Involve in aerobic activities like dancing, running, swimming, cycling. Sprinting, power walking and boxing as they are great for flat belly.
  4. Build muscles – Building muscles will increase in burning of calories. Do crunches and use exercise ball for workout. Do compound exercises with heavier weights. Build muscles all over the body not only in abdominal region.
  5. Do plyometric – Plyometric includes exercises which need explosive power in smaller time. It is more suitable for experienced athletes than less experienced. Do exercises like jumps and squat-thrusts and push-ups. Increase number and frequency of exercises, do these in combination of cardio exercises.

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