How to Stop Teen Hair Loss

Hairs are aesthetic part of our body they increase the beauty of the person. Hair loss was a problem for adults some years ago but nowadays teenagers are also losing their hairs due to extra stress, chemicals, etc.hairs-loss-teen

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Most people lose about 50- 100 head hairs every day which gets replaced by new hairs. It is totally normal but if you are having more hair loss then you need to know what is causing it. There are lots of factors which can cause hair loss which includes-

  • Deficiency of vitamin B1, B2, C or iron.
  • Hormonal change
  • Illness or prolonged illnesses
  • Diabetes mellitus or thyroid
  • Birth control pills
  • Poor eating behaviors
  • Poor food routines
  • Unconscious hair pulling

You can also take help from professional doctors. Below are the several remedies which will help your body to fight with hair loss:

  • Take care of your hair, hair is essential as other body parts. Use good quality of oils and hair products. Oiling is one of the best methods to keep your hair healthy. Maintain a routine to oil your hair. Oiling makes your hair stronger and shiny.
  • Eat protein rich food, hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Protein-rich diet will give strength to your hair. Protein-rich foods like lentils, green veggies, eggs, milk, yogurt, and fishes. Good eating practices could recover the damages as well as helping to prevent further hair loss.
  • Having naturally beautiful hair has its own importance. They are natural and should be natural, excessive hair styling can damage them; it can prove to be very harmful in future. Avoid using too much hair styling products like gels, heating tongs, and curls. Styling wet hair can also prove to be harmful; it can lead to steady hair loss.
  • Inculcate good food habits; ensure that you get a lot of vitamin-rich foods and fruits. You should drink a lot of water every day. Diet is one of the important parts of our life we should choose it very carefully. It is a very prolonged process. Lacking some important vitamins, proteins or other minerals can lead to many of other serious diseases. Keep distance from crash diets at all costs.
  • Regular exercise, yoga, meditation and good sleep are also necessary for healthy hair. The workout is very necessary for teenagers it helps them to grow up their body in good shape, give them aesthetic value and keep them away from lots of serious diseases.
  • If you are unconsciously involved in plucking of your hair, you should avoid it and should be consulted to a mental health doctor or a behavioral therapist to control and reduce the incidence.
  • If you are suffering from alopecia areata, go to the doctor. A doctor can help you to choose your daily routine and diet. They will also prescribe you proper medications which will help you to fight from such situation.

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