How Hardness and Softness of Water Affect Children’s Skin

Hard water increases the risk of eczema in children. Eczema is a pathological condition of skin when the skin becomes rough with the occurrence of inflammation counted with blisters which result in clinical symptoms like serious itching and

British research concluded that children who bath in hard water have a higher risk of eczema than those children who bath in soft water. The children who born in the area where the water found in the natural source is hard water and children use this water for bathing and other purposes are found to be more prone to eczema than those children who born in an area where the water source is soft water.

Researches done by King’s College London, London makes a study where 1303 children were studied to check what type of water they were in contact. The result concluded that the children in the age group of 3 months who are growing in an area with hard water have 87% higher risk of growing eczema than the children who were in contact with soft water.

Reason behind Eczema 
The reason for the occurrence of this disease due to the use of hard water is still unknown. The reason can be because of chemicals called calcium carbonate or ph level can also be the reason for the occurrence of this disease.

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