How to Increase Estrogen

Estrogen is a hormone which is present in both, men and women. For good health, it is necessary to keep the good level of estrogen. Women need to have more estrogen for normal body functions like fertility and menstrual cycle.girl-estrogen

A low estrogen level triggers to lower body weight. There are various ways of increasing estrogen level in body but it must be done under the supervision of a doctor or physician. Here are some of the best strategies which one can use to increase the estrogen level:

Is it really lack of estrogen? – Low level of estrogen comes with various symptoms like- Trouble in sleeping, Mood swings, Sexually less active and Changing in cholesterol level.

Here are some remedies.

1. Quit smoking 
People who smoke a lot have a low level of estrogen. Smoking can also cause menstrual dysfunction, infertility, and earlier menopause. It is necessary to quit smoking if you want a healthy level of estrogen.

2. Start exercising moderately 
People who hit the gym regularly have a good level of hormones. For estrogen, excessive exercise is bad because the fat in the body helps in the production of estrogen. Usually, athletes have low levels of estrogen.

3. Good diet 
Estrogen is produced by our endocrine system. Eating fresh and healthy foods promotes the production of estrogen. Eat lots of green vegetables, salads, etc. fruits like orange, apple, pineapple are good for hormones level.

4. Eat soy and soy products 
Soybean products contain genistein which mimics the effect of estrogen and is helpful in lessening the symptoms of low estrogen levels. Products like edamame, miso, soy nuts, tempeh, or flour made of soy are useful.

5. Reduce your sugar and carbohydrate intake 
Sugar and carbohydrates can lead to hormone level imbalance in the body. A low-carb diet is healthy and good for everybody. Take lots of fibers and proteins instead of sugar. Eat brown bread instead of white bread, brown rice, whole grains should be considered.

6. Coffee 
Coffee contains caffeine, which can increase the level of estrogen. Caffeine can’t help in increasing fertility rate but it can low the symptoms of low estrogen level. Drink organic and less filtered coffee. Don’t consume more than 400gm of coffee in a day.

7. Eat chasteberry pills 
Chasteberry is a natural herb which can be found in medical stores in pill form, it is helpful in decreasing the symptoms of menopause, increasing lactation and fertility. Don’t take chasteberry if you are using birth control pills, drugs for psychic or Parkinson’s disease or any dopamine affecting drug.

8. Foods with phytoestrogens 
Phytoestrogens are available in various plants and herbs and it works as an estrogen substitute in our body. It is not helpful in conceiving or fertility. The plants and herbs which contain phytoestrogens are soybeans, peas, pinto, cranberries, oregano, licorice, sage, whole grains, broccoli, and cauliflower.

9. Herbal tea 
Phytoestrogens are also available in teas, especially black and green tea. These can provide relief against symptoms of menopause or premenstrual syndrome.

10. Flaxseed 
Flax seeds have the highest amount of phytoestrogens which are also high in omega-3 fatty acids. Eating flax seeds can decrease the risk of heart diseases, cancer, stroke, and diabetes.

11. Consider going to doctor 
These remedies may not work for every person. After consulting your doctor you can ask for medical health. There are varieties of estrogen therapies available, which include pills, skin patches, topical gels, and creams. Vaginal estrogens are also available in forms of rings, tablets or creams which can be inserted in vagina directly. Your doctor may prescribe you the therapy which is suitable for you. Don’t take estrogen by yourself, it can increase your chances of getting uterine cancer.

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