How to lose weight: Easy way to lose weight without doing heavy exercises

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Obesity is becoming an uprising problem in advance countries especially in urban life. In this present century every one of us wants to look fit and fine.

So to lose weight now become one of the necessary requirements not only for good look but also to be healthy as obesity is responsible for many diseases including some major diseases like cardiovascular and diabetes. Most of us fail to lose weight because of our busy life which doesn’t allow us to do sufficient exercises. Now let’s see are you working hard, eating well to lose weight? Losing weight is not an easy task to do. It’s an emotional, physical, time consuming process. It can be easy if we know what to eat, what to do? So here are the steps which we can follow in our busy life:

Make a healthy diet plan
Thisis the first and the most important step to begin the journey for losing weight. According to nutrient value, calories and required amount of nutrient required make a diet plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner. At first it can be hard to follow the plan buttry hard to stick to your plan. Make small changes in your plan after every week as it is necessary for our physiological system.

Drink lot of water 
Water is the most important physiological component required for our existence. Drink around 64 ounces of water daily as it helps to removes toxic substances from our body and make us healthy. In process of weight lose water help tosuppressour appetite as a result we eat less, so drink water half an hour before eating the meal because it will make you feel fuller. Try to eliminate the processed juice, soda drinks,alcohol from diet plan because they contain a huge amount of calories but instead of these add green tea (5 -6 cups a day), lemon water in diet plan because it contain special ingredient that increase metabolism.

Avoid sugar,refined carbohydrates in meal 
Sugar and carbohydrate are raw source of energy when we eat excess than our required amount then it converted into fat as storage of energy. Eat fruits like apple, banana, strawberries, citrus fruits (contain vitamin C) and vegetables reach in fibers andproteins. Salts retain water in our body so limit the amount ofit. Avoid eating refined carbohydrates like pasta, white rice instead;eat brown bread, oats, and baked potatoes. Carbohydrate diet makes you prone to obesity than the fatty diet.

Add spices to your food 
By adding a small amount of chili with the food increase the metabolic rate to a large extent, it would not only help us to burnthe calories but also decrease our appetite and result in less intake of food.

Eat saturated fats 
Fat always doesn’t responsible for obesity but a small amount of saturated fat is good for health and also prevent the excess fat absorption. So add a small amount of natural fat like butter, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados to meal but in a small quantity as because excessive quantity will make our body to gain weight.

Don’t skip meals 
It is a misconception that skipping meal make us thin but in reality this will not help us to lose weight. So eat a high breakfast with high quantity of protein likeegg, beans with some citrus likeorange juice and some fruits. Try to avoid heavy dinner and avoid eating snacks late night because at night during our sleep our metabolism rate fall down and the excessive food intake make our body to store more fat. Eat 5 -6 small meals a day that make. Add some peas, beans, legumes in food we eat as it contain high amount of protein and fibers.

Do exercise everyday 
Physical workout is one of the most important step for our good health but in our busy life we have very less time for this so do at least 20 minutes exercise daily; it help to burn around 600 to 700 calories a day this can be done just bygoing for a run or by bicycling, doingsquats and yoga.

Make a food journal 
Try to keepa record on your every meal i.e. calories intake, exercises i.e. calories burn, water amount in whole day, count, measure body weight in early morning. It would help to track our progress in the journey of weight loss.

Don’t go again to unhealthy food 
Many people after losing weight again start eating and they again start gaining weight faster than the previous time. After losing weight try to maintain a healthy diet plan otherwise all the effort will be useless.

Don’t keep junk food 
Food psychologist found that when food is around us we eat more and result in increase in calories intake. So don’t keep fast and junk foods like chocolates, chips, fizzy drinks at home.

Stay motivated 
Losing weight is time consuming task it requires our patience and hard work. Sometime many of us work hard to lose weight by it doesn’t give any positive result and we start eating again, this is the most wrong step because for some person it took long time to start losing weight. So focuson every small goal; don’t make goals which cannot be achieved.Always feel thin and it would help to achieve the goals.

Take a good night sleep 
Sleep is most important for a good health and life. Sleep for at least 6 hours a day because sleep helps our body to maintain a normal metabolism. When we sleep less our body metabolism become slow and we start gaining weight.

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