6 Ways to Reduce Back Pain at Home

Every one of us suffers from back because of hard work, lifting heavy things, wrong exercises and due to many other reasons. In the recent century, our life has become more comfortable which reduces our physical activities and we started suffering from many diseases including back pain.back-pain

People suffering from back pain are increasing day by day. Here we are going to discuss some simple ways those can be done at home and working places for managing the back pain.

1. Apply Ice 
Massage with ice just when pain occurs as it helps to reduce the pain by reducing the chance of inflammation after any type of injuries. Apply ice not more than 20 minutes because very low temperature for a long time can affect our skin tissue.

2. Be active 
Health experts found that persons who have more body movements or physical activities suffer less from back pain than those persons who sit and work for the whole day. Exercise, simple walk, swimming reduces the chance of having back pain.

3. Stretch 
It is found that sitting for a long time and working results in back pain, instead of that after every 20 to 30 minutes stand up and stretch your body in different directions. Stretching body after every interval of time reduces the chance of occurrences of back pain.

4. Reduce smoking 
Modern researchers found that smoking increases the chance of osteoporosis of the spines and other osteological problems. Persons who smoke suffer from back pain more than persons who don’t smoke.

5. Check Weight 
Overweight results in excess pressure in the spine which results in back pain, so we must check our weight regularly and if we are overweight then we must do the required things to reduce the extra weight.

6. General Medications 
Some anti – inflammatory drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen can be taken to reduce the back pain.

In case of heavy inflammation and other serious pathological disorders, consult the physician or visit health care centers.

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