8 Home Ways to Avoid Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis is the term given to the condition when we sweat more than usual, some of us have this trait from the time of our birth. We normally start taking this situation seriously in our adolescence when our palms sweat more than often and usually always wet.women-sweat

Sometimes we avoid shaking hand with other because of this, our shirts have sweat stains under our armpits, our shoes always smell, etc. It can be without any medical problems avoided by using some easy and general tips. Here are some of the best tips to avoid or reduce the action of hyperhidrosis.

1. Apply antiperspirants 
There are lots of antiperspirants available in the market but for avoiding hyperhidrosis we need to buy an antiperspirant which contains a high amount of aluminum chloride. Choose an antiperspirant which has more than 12% of aluminum chloride. The effectivity of an antiperspirant is for some hours and can vary on the type of brand you are using. The right time of applying antiperspirant is the night before going to bed because aluminum chloride needs some time to block the sweat-producing glands. Before using an antiperspirant make sure your underarm is dry, clean and shaved. Apply antiperspirant continuously for a longer period of time to see good results.

2. Choose Good Clothes 
Choose good fabric clothes. Wearing cotton of good quality will absorb more sweat than other fabrics. During sports, wear t-shirts which are designed for sports, they are specially made for taking the moisture away. For girls using an absorbent or sweat absorbing pads under arms. Choose dark colors so that sweat can’t be noticed clearly. Print dresses are also favorable. Buy good quality of socks and breathable shoes for less smell of foot.

3. Change Your Diet 
Spicy foods, foods with a lot of onion and garlic are not cooked for people with hyperhidrosis. Eat foods with mild flavors. Avoid energy drinks and coffee as they cause excessive sweats. Caffeine stimulates our central nervous system which leads to excessive sweating and stress. Eat fruits, vegetables, calcium-rich food which cut down our sweat output.

4. Exercise Regularly 
Hitting the gym five times a week, promote a sense of relaxation and satisfaction along with lowering our stress and promoting normal sweating. Exercise is helpful in lowering our weight and cutting down the fatty layers from our body, which will decrease the sweat we produce ultimately.

5. Have Good Hygiene 
Good and healthy practices are helpful in avoiding a lot of health problems include hyperhidrosis. Have a shower or bath daily. If you can bath two times a day, do it, it will reduce the bad smell of your sweat. Use a good deodorant soap for bathing; it will remove the bad bacteria over your skin which causes the bad smell of sweat. Carry baby wipes with you which can be used to cleaning your armpits when you are going outside.

6. Avoid any Caffeinated Drink 
Drinks which contain soda or caffeine are stimulators for sweat production and we should replace them with something healthy like juice or milk.

7. Add Essential Oils to Your Bath 
Oils like rose, lavender or orange can be added to our bath for producing the pleasant smell and hiding the body odor. We should also use very small amount of oil to our feet and hands.

8. Medical help 
If none of the tips are working for you, you should not hesitate to seek medical help to reduce sweating. It can be expensive and should be done after professional examinations. There are Botox injections and anticholinergic medications which are helpful in reducing excessive sweat, they work for disabling body’s sweating mechanism.

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